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Phishing Simulation



You clicked on a simulated phishing test.

Don’t feel bad, phishing emails can be very tricky. But now you can see that phishing is a huge threat. Here are some tips to help you stay safer in the future

Tip #1: Don’t Panic

Phishing emails are designed to make you have an emotional response: fear, anger, worry. This is so that you won’t be thinking clearly when the message comes in. If you see an email saying money is being taken from your account, the IRS is looking to arrest you, or something has been charged to your account, you might not be thinking clearly.

REMEMBER: the IRS will never contact you via email

Bank and credit card charges can be reversed

Don’t Panic.


Tip #2: Stop and Look

Did anything look out of the ordinary? Did you recognize the sender’s address?

Was it similar but not the same as an official email? Notice that the email you clicked on came from rather than

Amazon Orders <>

instead of: <>

Hackers will use domains that are very similar to the real ones. In this case, If you are reading fast, you might not notice it.

Tip #3: When in doubt throw it out

If you ever think that an email is suspicious, it is better to err on the side of caution.

Don’t click on any links and then forward it to