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HIPAA Security Solutions

Iron Comet knows and understands HIPAA.

But more importantly than that, we make sure that you fully understand the items you need to do to be compliant. HIPAA is a complex set of regulations and there is a lot of misconceptions as to what is contained in them. We cut through all the myths and misunderstandings to create a program that is tailored for your specific situation to keep your practice compliant and secure while running efficiently.

The staff at Iron Comet has been specific training and certifications related to HIPAA and IT for the healthcare industry.

If your practice were to suffer a breach then you can expect an audit from the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights. These audits usually end with expensive fines and corrective action programs. Healthcare breaches are a daily occurrence now so every practice should take the security of their patient’s data very seriously.

At Iron Comet, we understand the risks you face. We make it our priority to help you take the necessary steps to do so and help keep you compliant. We provide solutions to help you like:

  • HIPAA grade firewalls and monitoring
  • Network security
  • Anti-ransomware protection
  • Wireless security
  • Secure patient portals
  • Secure payment systems that are also PCI-DSS compliant
  • Secure remote access for outsourced billing services
FREE HIPAA Risk Assessment 

The best place to start is with your HIPAA mandated Risk Assessment. This process identifies any potential areas that your practice may need to address for compliance. It is a required element under HIPAA regulations. We offer a FREE Risk Assessment that will outline the current issues your practice may have concerning its HIPAA compliance. Risk Assessments are also required each year, at minimum, under HIPAA regulations. However, a new Risk Assessment is also required any time something fairly large changes in your practice such as a new internet service provider, a new server, or a new EMR product.

If you need your Risk Assessment or are concerned about your practice’s compliance or security, get your FREE HIPAA Risk Assessment by clicking here or calling us at 770-506-4383.