Iron Comet Consulting, Inc.
Firewall Installation

Internet Filtering

Our firewall is capable of filtering a wide range of content. By default, we block known phishing and ransomware sites to help better protect your network. However, there are other options that we can filter if you would like. For example, we can prevent users from visiting pornographic or social media sites. Select the items below that you would like us to block. You can also select do not block anything. Lastly, we can set blocks for the entire network and then allow certain users to bypass the blocks if you choose.
Would you like to block users from viewing the following (check all that apply):

Remote Access (Virtual Private Networks)

Our firewall can also provide remote access to your network for your staff if you so choose. This would allow for remote work. If you do not need this, it is better for it to be disabled. If you do need it, we can setup users to have secure access remotely to your office network.
Do want you remote access for employees to your office (VPN access)?
Are employees allowed to work after hours and connect via VPN to the office from home?
May we disable remote access after hours for users?