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IT Support Services Hampton

Hampton is a town in the southwestern part of Henry County, Georgia and it is a suburb south-eastern of the metropolitan area of Atlanta previously known as “Bear Creek” or Bear Creek Station,” named after a stream that runs through the area. The town was relocated, founded and renamed in 1873 when the Central Railroad of Georgia was constructed approximately one mile east. It was named after the American soldier in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812, Brig. General Wade Hampton.

Atlanta Air Route Traffic Control Center, the busiest route air traffic control center in the country is located at Hampton, GA. Atlanta Motor Speedway, Jailhouse Brewing Company, Nash Farm Battlefield, Army Aviation Heritage Foundation & Flying Museum are also situated in the city.

All businesses need IT support. Some industries need special kinds of support like healthcare, legal, and accounting practices. We provide HIPAA compliance services to the medical practices of all sizes. We also provide PCI-DSS compliance for businesses that accept credit cards. Iron Comet offers IT support services Hampton to all types of businesses. We have over 20 years of experience and expertise to offer tailored solutions to your company’s specific needs. Every company is different so your IT solutions need to be different as well. It is not a one size fits all situation.

Are you a medical practice or business that needs quality, reliable, and fast IT Support Services Hampton? Are you happy with your current IT provider’s service? When was the last time you performed a network or risk assessment to identify your needs or vulnerabilities? Our job is to take care of your IT so you don’t have to. That way, you can do what you do best, take care of your patients or customers.

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