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In business since 1999

Iron Comet has been been in business since 1999. We started out as a small computer repair service for businesses and grew into a consulting firm specializing in security and compliance for businesses and medical practices of all sizes. We know that security is of grave concern to our customers and we endeavor to find better and more cost effective ways to help our customers protect their data.

Training and certification

In the computer business, learning never stops. We train every year on new technologies. But more importantly, we keep abreast of the newest laws and regulations that impact our customers. Changes in regulations such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS. when you work with Iron Comet, you can be sure that you are partnering with experts in our field.

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If you are a medical practice or business, you know that compliance with HIPAA and PCI DSS aren’t just good ideas, they are mandatory. Most “computer guys” don’t understand what’s involved with compliance.  Iron Comet can guide you through the steps to get compliant


We regularly update our skills to stay ahead of the newest trends in both cyber security and IT in general. We are always on the lookout for ways to better save our customers money while keeping them secure.



We do it right, the first time. Don’t let another computer company use you as a learning experience. Hire the right ream that will deliver results.




We are the only consulting firm to offer a double your money back guarantee on our service work. If we don’t make it right for you, we will give you double your money back.


Our statistics so far

  • 4317 Attacks prevented on customer networks
  • 1897 Vulnerability scans
  • 9485 Virus attacks prevented
  • 1483 Repaired computers
  • 213 Medisoft sites served

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Hundreds of satisfied customers


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