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Virus removal

Are you infected with a computer virus? We can get it removed and have you up and running FAST!


Everyone needs to backup their data. We can setup an easy to use system to keep your data safe.

Computer repair

Computers are down? Then you're losing money. We will get you back up and running

Mobile device setup

Have a smart phone? Tablet? Want them to work on your company's network? Shared calendars? Synved data? We can help!


Need to share a printer with your office computers? Need to save files to a server? Want to share internet access? You need a network and we can set it. From 2 to 200 computers!

Remote Access

Want to work from home? Want your employees to work from home? You need remote access. We can setup secure remote access for you.

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computer security

Computer security in the US elections – a real fear?

With the election coming on November, we have all been fed a steady stream of intense drama from both candidates. However, one subject we haven't

identity theft

Identity theft is even being used to steal your tax refund

Identity theft is unfortunately now, just a part of our modern life. Its so common that even the IRS is having to deal with it. The IRS was breac

upgrade to windows 10

Upgrade to Windows 10 – should you upgrade?

If you ask a computer repair company when you should upgrade something, you probably expect them to always say NOW! And while there are good reas

cleaning your computer

Cleaning your computer can maximize its lifespan

Most people would like to get the most use from an expensive item like a computer. cleaning your computer can go a long way to protecting the inv