Iron Comet Consulting, Inc.

IT Solutions

Iron Comet is a full service IT company. We provide medical practices and businesses with custom-tailored services. These include the following:

  • ●  Network setup –
    • ○  Want to have all of your computers communicating with each other?
    • ○  Need to share a printer with multiple employees?
    • ○  Network slow and seems to take forever to do anything?
  • ●  Remote access –
    • ○  Do you need to work from home or outside the office?
    • ○  Do you have employees that need to work outside the office?
  • ●  PC repair –
    • ○  If your computers aren’t working properly, we will get them fixed ASAP
  • ●  Wireless network setup
    • ○  Need a computer or printer in a place where you don’t have a network connection?
    • ○  Want to roam around the office with your phone, tablet, or laptop?
    • ○  Concerned about how secure your wireless network is?
    • ○  Is your wireless network slow or unresponsive?
    • ○  Would you like to set up a guest network for your customers or patients?
  • ●  Backup solutions –
    • ○  If your office were robbed or destroyed in a fire (or tornado), could you recover quickly?
    • ○  Are you sure your backups are actually working?
    • ○  Do you have a reliable system that ensures your data is secure?
    • ○  Do you have a disaster recovery system in place?
  • ●  New office setups –
    • ○  Expanding and need a new office setup from scratch?
    • ○  Starting a new business and need your IT done right from the beginning?
  • ●  Email support –
    • ○  Not getting emails?
    • ○  Emails going to spam?
    • ○  Having issues with attachments?
  • ●  Website creation and support –
    • ○  Is your website old and in desperate need of a refresh?
    • ○  Don’t have a website and want to get one that actually looks good and helps your business?
  • ●  Software support –
    • ○  Quickbooks
    • ○  Microsoft Office
    • ○  AccPac
    • ○  Timeclock Plus
    • ○  Linux servers
    • ○  Windows 7/8/10
    • ○  Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019


We offer:

Computer help in Stockbridge

Computer help in McDonough

Computer help in Locust Grove

Computer help in Hampton

Computer help in Riverdale

Computer help in Macon

Computer help in Warner Robins

Computer help in Augusta

Computer help in Morrow

Computer help in Forest Park

Computer help in Conyers

Computer help in Newnan

Computer help in Griffin

Computer help in College Park

Computer help in Atlanta

Computer help in Decatur