Why I Love My EMR As A New Technology

Our customers are very honest about how they feel when they purchase new technology. After all, upgrading an office with state of the art computers and software is not inexpensive.   Although there are always opposing voices about anything that fundamentally changes the old guard, most have had very good things to report on their new EMR implementation.

There are changes that doctors learn to live with.  Others might scrap their current PM/EMR vendor and start from scratch.  But these tools are here to stay and our customers have been forthcoming about what they love about their new systems.  Here are the highlights:

Data retrieval is much easier

Medical staff and doctors have commented that accessing patient records is a snap.  “Where is the chart?” is not heard on an hourly basis.  A simple query utilizing the EMR can locate labs, notes and prescriptions.

Documentation is improved

One physician noted that his thoroughness in documenting exams has improved exponentially and his assessments are easily read by his staff.


More money from better charge capture

Better documentation can improve charge capture in many practices.  With better understanding about what happened in the exam room, the end result has been that more money was collected per patient.  The system provided feedback and prompts the doctor to add more information if needed.

Freedom, EMR style

Doctors have said that one of the greatest benefits is not being chained to their desk.  They can now retrieve patient data from anywhere on their Smartphone or home computer.  This is a revelation for many doctors who stay on the move.

Patients like the extra effort

Doctors have told us that their patients ask about the new technology and are intrigued.  Because of patient portals, the communication between patient and doctor is enhanced.

Many providers used to think that using a computer to help them was cheating.  Doctors are independent, highly trained smart people. Why in the world would they need these gadgets?  But with all the standards of precision medicine that exist today, most are thankful that they have access to the latest guidelines on immunizations, repeating blood work, or treatment of illnesses like coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure.


Iron Comet Consulting is a Mckesson Platinum certified reseller, medical IT firm and medical billing service based in Stockbridge, Georgia. Our products combine the clinical with the financial to improve workflow and revenue capture. Mckesson’s Medisoft Clinical is a complete physician practice optimization solution. For more information, please visit http://www.ironcomet.com/

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