Why Electronic Health Record is Better than Using Paper Records

Today’s modern world is innovating and so is the healthcare industry. Imagine a world of paperless billing—thanks to the help of EHR or electronic health records. The extent of EHR is wide-ranging—affecting not only physicians, hospitals and clinicians, but as well as those in laboratories, pharmacies, office personnel, and in insurance companies.

These electronic health records aid in making workflow easier and more efficient. This is because the EHR assists in de-cluttering and clearing physical space in one’s workstations.

Electronic health records to replace traditional paper records have their tremendous benefits. Because it has the ability to cope with the features of the medical practice, the workflow becomes simpler and manageable. The end result? More improved patient experience because first and foremost, that’s what the primary aim of healthcare is all about right? Top notch quality service for the patients. That’s why with the existence of EHRs, doctors can focus on their patients and leave the billing and other equally time-consuming administrative tasks to the expert—the electronic health recorders.

With EHR, the charts are e-filed and updated right away as compared to paper-based methods, where it truly takes time to pull those charts and file again. Not only that—traditional paper charts can be prone to misfiling. But in EHR, the electronic files are safely stored on a server, plus, charts are totally searchable.

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