If you have been in practice long enough, you have probably seen a lot of these types of medical marketing. They come and go so often and promise great results for little pay out. They may work for other types of businesses, but they don’t seem to work very well for physicians.

Here are come examples:

  • Table top advertising (similar to the place mats above, but actually printed on the table)
  • Printed on the back of receipts (from restaurants or grocery stores)
  • Bathroom advertising posters (examples here and here)
  • Maps of your local area (usually done by chambers of commerce, example here)
  • Novelty items with your info printed on them (pens, gadgets, etc.)
  • Magnets
  • Candy box advertising (like you see at restaurant cash registers)
  • Local newspapers that are low circulation or free

Don't waste those medical marketing dollars!
Don’t waste those medical marketing dollars!

What makes these ineffective for medical marketing?

Typically patients aren’t looking for a physician when they see these types of ads. They aren’t going to take dirty place mat home with them to save the number for a physician they don’t need. The same goes for bathroom advertising. You really aren’t thinking about that at the moment, unless its an ad for a urologist!

The key for medical marketing is to be where the patient is LOOKING for you when they need you. They aren’t going through their purse to find the pen they got from you. They are pulling up Google or asking their friends. Are you located there? Are you represented online in all the places patients are looking? What about review sites? Are you getting good reviews? Do you even know what reviews you are getting?


How do spot the money wasting medical marketing?

  • Can you track the ROI? – This is the only thing that matters with any advertising. Can you find out if its working so that you can increase or decrease its use? If you can’t, its not worth doing.
  • It relies on old, outdated methods of advertising – Techniques that have long been dropped as being ineffective in other forms of advertising seem to be rehashed over and over again. Don’t be suckered in.
  • Its cheap but claims huge impact – Let me qualify this. I’m not saying cheap advertising won’t work. I’m saying that cheap advertising that claim to have a huge, widespread impact don’t usually work. Medical marketing requires more well thought methods to attract patients.
  • These will be distributed far and wide. – To do this, the advertising company has to cut money on print quality and hire people to distribute them. Why do you think the yellow pages use such thin paper? Also, how often have you seen yellow pages just thrown away by those paid to deliver them?
  • It supports a local group (town, school  function, etc.) – Its fine that you want to support a group. Just donate the money to them. These sorts of advertising are similar to bathroom advertising. Are the patients looking for you when they see it?
  • The item is banking on its creativity. – New techniques to get in front of patients. Great, let someone else try it first. Don’t waste your money to be the first one to do it.

The end result is that you want to be where your patients are looking when they need you. Those are the places you want to spend your medical marketing money.

Are you tired of of seeing your money being wasted with no new patients to show for it? Give us a call at 1-855-476-2668 for a no sales conversation on how we can help you get more patients in the door.

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