The Locky ransomware is making a comeback and its targeting hospitals and other healthcare offices worldwide.

Locky uses email attachments that are usually Microsoft Word documents that deliver a malicious payload.

The usual subject line of the email is something related to financial files being forwarded. These subject lines entice the user to open the attachment and then that executes the malware.

Once the machine is infected,  you will see an image such as this –


















Your wallpaper will be changed to look something like this –













At this time, there is no way to get your data back without paying the ransom. 

There are two main ways to protect against this sort of attack.

1 – Make sure you have a quality malware protection software. Most free versions of antimalware software won’t be sufficient because they don’t offer real time protection. They only offer on demand scanning. It is a very important to have a quality anti malware software installed.

2 – Make frequent backups of your data. If you get infected, only paying the ransom will get you your data back. That’s why you must make frequent backups of your data.


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You can read more about the Locky ransomware here.