If you are looking for more patient referrals to grow your practice just ask your patients. This is something that physicians almost never do and its pretty easy to do. On top of that, its free! Many people are hesitant to ask for a referral but if a patient is happy with your service, most will gladly refer you to others.

Patient referrals
Grow your practice with patient referrals

How do I ask for patient referrals?

Its best if these requests from the physician and here’s how you do it.

  1. Build it into your daily routine with patients
  2. Practice it so that it comes out naturally.
  3. Try doing it after you pay your patient a compliment. Something like, “It’s a breath of fresh air having a patient that listens and acts on what we do here. If you know anyone else that feels the same way about their own care, we’d love to service them here!”
  4. After you receive a compliment from a patient. This is the perfect time to ask them for a referral.
  5. To announce a new service. You can tell them a quick blurb about your service saying how it has really helped patients and you are very happy to see that. If they know anyone that could also be helped, please send them over. This goes a long way to build credibility.

Your check out staff can be trained to do the same. As the patient is checking out, they could say something easy like, “And you if you were happy with us today, we really appreciate referrals.”

You can also post a sign in your practice that reads along the lines of – The highest compliment we can receive from our patients is their referral of friends and family to our practice.

You are going to want to drive these referrals to your website where you will have everything they will need to make their decision on your practice. Pictures of your office and staff, patient forms to be filled out, insurances accepted, etc. This will reaffirm your patient’s referral and make the new patient’s choice an easy one to make.

Be sure that you have your website address printed on business cards and other forms that you give to your patients. Make it easily available.

Its also very important to send a thank you note, preferably hand written, to your patient thanking them for the referral. This will help your patient feel like you appreciated their referral and they will be more likely to do it again. Handwritten is all the better because no one does this anymore. How often do you receive them? And when you do, how special is it for you?

Never ask for a referral when discussing money issues with your patients. This just doesn’t work but you would be surprised how many times this done. This isn’t going to work. If you need to discuss a patient’s bill, don’t ask for the referral.

Making this a habit in your office can go a long way into generating patient referrals and helping to grow your practice.

If you are ready to start having more patients in your practice, give us a call at 1-855-476-2668 for a no sales conversation on how we can help you get more patients in the door.

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