Using Dragon Medical with Clinical EMR

Speaking software is compatible with Medical Medisoft Clinical EMR.  Well, it is and we have found is that it works beautifully with digital records.  This information is important when considering your purchase of a large system.. Many of our customers at Iron Comet call us to ask if Dragon Medical Naturally

Speech –to-text is the fastest way to capture the narrative sections with our EMR.   The latest developments in the speech recognition software have made it easy for the provider to directly convert spoken words into electronic data.

Here is the entire breakdown on the product:

Dragon Medical 10 speech recognition software allows providers the ability to navigate and dictate directly into EMR systems and is the most widely used speech recognition software today.

Dragon Medical is up to 99% accurate out-of-the-box, and includes medical vocabularies covering nearly 80 medical specialties and subspecialties. Using Dragon Medical 10, physicians dictate in real-time into their EHR in their own words – letting them instantly review, sign, and make their notes available for other clinicians.

Improves financial performance by eliminating transcription costs and by increasing physician productivity compared to typing or “point and click” data entry into an EHR. Clinicians can now spend more time with patients or increase their patient load — leading to higher practice revenue — and dictate more detailed “medical decision-making” for each patient encounter.

Raises the quality of care by enabling clinicians to dictate, review and sign medical records in one step, allowing them to communicate clinical information more quickly to referring clinicians and patients alike. Faster, more complete medical records lead to care plans being put in place more quickly.

Increases clinician satisfaction by making the EHR easier to use by eliminating typing or “point and click” data entry of patient information.

Dragon Medical is used by clinicians to navigate industrial-strength EHR packages quickly to review lab tests or past medical history while documenting care anywhere in the record.Clinicians will dictate patient records faster, more accurately than ever.

Dragon medisoft clinical is the only member of Nuance Dragon family which is specially developed to support dictation directly into an EHR system—these capabilities are not supported by Dragon 10 Standard, Preferred or Professional editions.Healthcare organizations rely on Dragon Medical to provide more efficient, profitable, and effective care.

Dragon Medical frees up clinicians to spend more time with patients, increasing patient and clinician satisfaction. Dragon Medical, Dragon Small Practice and Dragon Medical Enterprise are the only members of the Dragon product line that help support HIPAA and government patient security and confidentiality standards.Using Dragon Medical, a practice’s economics are substantially improved.

Patient notes dictated using Dragon Medical are more complete. Detailed physician decision-making can help support higher levels of reimbursement than simple notes created by “point and click” EHR templates. Denial rates are reduced as coding is improved.

Transcription costs are eliminated by Dragon Medical adoption. With more time available to them, physicians can see more patients or get home on time for dinner, with their charts completed before they leave the office.



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