Upgrade to Windows 10 – should you upgrade?

If you ask a computer repair company when you should upgrade something, you probably expect them to always say NOW! And while there are good reasons to upgrade and keep current with technology, that doesn’t always match up with the budgets of small businesses. This is especially true with those who wish to  upgrade to Windows 10. When should I upgrade is the question we are hearing a lot now from our customers.

When should you upgrade to Windows 10?

Its been more than a year now since Windows 10 was released. Many of the bugs and issues have been worked out. Like all versions if Windows, its usually best to wait until the first major service pack. Here are some reasons for you to upgrade to Windows 10:

  • You’re still on Windows XP – Windows XP was great in its day, but its long since become obsolete. If you’re still using Windows XP, you’re asking for trouble. Microsoft is no longer issuing security updates for Windows XP so it means your computer would be very vulnerable to attacks.
  • You’re still on Windows 7 – a case can be made to keep using Windows 7 (see below) but Windows 7 is  also getting a little but long in the tooth.
  • You’re ready to upgrade your computer – if you’re ready to purchase a new computer, then it’s the perfect time to upgrade to Windows 10
  • You need the cutting edge software – some software requires the latest operating system. If this is you, then now is the time for Windows 10

Here are some reasons that you should NOT upgrade to Windows 10, at least for now.

  • Your current system doesn’t have the specifications to be able to handle Windows 10 – If your computer’s processor isn’t fast enough, or you don’t have enough memory or hard drive space, then now isn’t the best time to upgrade. It would be a larger investment for you to upgrade all of your hardware just to get to Windows 10.
  • Windows 7 (or gasp, 8) is working just fine for you – If its not broken, don’t fix it. If you don’t have a really compelling reason to upgrade, then you may want to hold back.
  • You don’t want to be trapped into a cycle of forced updates – Updates and patches are good for Windows. But that doesn’t mean you always want to update to all of them as soon as they are available. There have been cases when an update was installed that it caused other unintended problems. With all versions of Windows, you have the choice of whether or not you will install them. But with Windows 10, you no longer get that choice.
  • Privacy is important to you – Windows 10 has several things that should be a concern to most computer users. First, it shows ads in the start menu. It also collects a lot of information about how you use your computer and sends it to Microsoft. It also uses your computer in its network to help distribute updates to other users. This means Microsoft will download an update to your computer and then use your internet connection to help send that update to others. Why?  So Microsoft doesn’t have to pay the internet bill.


So there you have it. You have the good information and the some reasons why and some reasons why maybe not to upgrade to Windows 10.

Here is some additional information about Windows 10 from Microsoft:

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