The Use of E-Prescribing and your Practice

The use of E-prescibing will help many of our customers save valuable time.  And time is money as the saying goes. This is certainly the case here since e-prescribing is one of the core objectives of “meaningful use.”  The Medicare Improvements for Patients Act (MIPPA) established a series of incentives and penalties designed to encourage medical practitioners to switch from prescribing medications with pen and paper to filling prescriptions electronically. 

The theory behind MIPPA is simple:  medical facilities will operate more efficiently and waste less money when switching to this type of system.  Another benefit is that this initiative can help doctors avoid errors such as prescribing the wrong dosage with the result of improved patient outcomes.  Our customers using Medisoft Clinical, Lytec and Practice Partner EMRs will  attest to these benefits.

Every state has adopted e-prescribing to a certain degree, but some vary on controlled substances.  The staff in your office will play an important role as well.  Consider your workflow dealing with prescriptions in general.  There’s the actual writing of the script, patient refills requests, pharmacy refill requests, questions from patients on medications, inquiries from pharmacies and giving samples to patients.

It’s a necessity to find an EMR like Mckesson’s Medisoft Clinical that is capable of providing an integrated e-prescribing product with an ONC-Certified system.  You should look for a seamless process so you do not have to enter patient information into multiple areas.

If your practice is not e-prescribing yet, now is a good time to call us and get the information you need to begin the process.  In November 2011, 52% of office-based physicians reported they were e-prescribing.  That’s an increase of 20% from the previous year.  There are easy ways to obtain federal incentives designed to increase adoption but these incentives decrease over the next two years.

Starting this year MIPPA will impose penalties for those physicians still relying on pen and paper to send scripts to pharmacies.  In 2012 non complying physicians will experience a 1% reduction in Medicare reimbursements.

Practices must also ensure that their patients learn about your new e-prescribing system.  They should understand that it is safer and more efficient.  Patients should also come prepared with their preferred pharmacy.  Some simple patient education on what your office is doing can go a long way.  You’ll notice that your patients will be impressed by the new technology and view your practice in a different light.



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