Superior Vision for Medical Practices

When a physician wants to maximize his business potential, several factors are important to consider for medical practices.  Should he/she start with streamlining personnel?  Will upgrading to the newest medical technology help with the bottom line?  Can leadership and contrary thinking help propel the practice to the next level?  Maybe a real cool web site might drive more traffic.

It’s well known that one of the biggest priorities of doctors today is implementing IT technologies that will have their practice meet Meaningful Use (MU) standards.  The first step in this process is having the right vision in place.  This task takes on increased importance, not only because of the focus on MU, but because the project is more complex.  Getting the right staff in place and replacing existing practice management systems with EMR technology will enable medical practices to weather the coming years and benefit the patients as well.

Comparing a modern medical office to the standard model twenty years ago is quite alarming.  Today we have patient portals with encrypted sites, wireless health technologies, EMRs, and a host of tools that improve patient care. Sure, take advantage of the stimulus dollars available but be prepared to budget for significant outlays and ongoing expenses.

We’ve talked before about third party vendors and how they can take the burden off a medical facility for IT support and billing expertise.  Consider these options carefully and find experts in your area to point you to the right people.

Many practices we work with want to showcase the innovative and patient-friendly undertakings that they have worked hard to initiate.  The most prevalent being technology and efficiency.

One practice came up with a mission statement that stated:  “We’re building relationships to last a lifetime”.  The doctor has a special section in the patient’s chart to note personal items about the patient and their family.  Surveys have found that when the patient takes ownership of his healthcare, the outcomes are simply better.  This approach will continue to foster better business for the practice as they continue to evolve.

David Sigal

Iron Comet Consulting



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