Back in April, a website hosting company called 123-Reg over in the United Kingdom accidentally deleted hundreds of their customer’s websites. Because of a series of errors, they were unable to restore from any of their back-ups. Most of it was due to very bad backup policies. But that’s not the lesson here. The lesson is when it comes to backups, you can never be too careful. An old saying really applies here – two is one and one is none.


Read more about 123-Reg and their horror story here.


EVERYTHING is on our computers, phones or tablets today. It’s no longer possible to just hope for the best with our data. We have to be sure its all taken care of well.

So today we want to show you how you can be more secure with your data.


Apple IOS products (iPhones, iPads, etc)

The two best options are both from Apple. The first is to make sure you do regular backups via iTunes. This will keep a local back-up on your computer. The key here is though, you have to remember to do it. This is sometimes difficult to remember to do.

The second option is the iCloud option. This will backup your device’s data online to the cloud. You can restore it later should you need to do so. Its very useful if your device is stolen or lost.


Android phones

Google includes a free backup and restore service with your Google account for any any Android device. It will backup all of your installed programs, messages, etc. Best of all it’s free.

Another option is a free program called Titanium Backup. There is  also a pay-for version but the free is more than enough.


Windows computers

Dropbox is a free software that includes up to 2GB of online data storage for free. All of your files will be synced online to the cloud. This will ensure that you always have one copy away from your computer. You can also use Dropbox on your Apple or Android products. If you need more than 2GB of space, you can upgrade and its very cheap.


If you would like help in setting up any of these for your own devices or need more comprehensive back-ups solutions, please contact us at 770-506-4383 or email us at We can get you up on a back-up system that uses several types of backups to ensure that your data is totally safe. We use both offsite and local back-ups to make sure you are never in the position of the the company mentioned above.