Something to Consider: Electronic Health Records

When technology runs in form of crunching numbers, everything just follows and there is no measure to man’s capability to achieve progress for the sake of progress.And in our search to make the world a global community, we go beyond our limits to meet ends which were once impossible in the good old days of paper, thus, the birth of computers.

We could never deny the fact that the world is definitely growing smaller and there is a growing need for us to invade unchartered spaces, may it even be the cyberspace. And we got so much to keep in record so much that it would use up all the paper in the world. But it is not like we have no choice.

Innovation, making use of what we already have, and the hunger in seeking the better; humans always find ways. And in the field of healthcare, they have developed a system that would allow them to improve, if not into the most profound sense, their services.

Electronic health records or the so-called EHRs is a technological breakthrough in medical health file inventory and will soon cease to be just a vague concept. These are digitized information of a person’s health record transfigured into binary codes save in the electronic library of human existence.

Save yourself the effort of imagining how inconvenient it would be for healthcare providers and personnel in summoning a piece of paper containing a person’s health records that might just be non- existent, gone and had rotted away over time. Healthcare is not just about saving lives but saving what can be saved. Let us consider the time saved due effective storage and retrieval. To top the ultra speed data retrieval, is the relevance and the accuracy of the information reckoned. provide better healthcare services EHRs also diversify the options for patients in search for better healthcare for it bridge missing links between health institutions, thus, broadening the hopes of leading a healthier life. These EHRs will become the standard of the quality of care and other measures that can ever be provided. The birth of electronic health record could be one of the major keys in revolutionizing the status of our healthcare services; radical, yes, and all for the better.

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