One area where we see a lot of offices having issues is with pre-certifications. Many practices don’t do them, and the offices that do, often don’t do them correctly. This results in claims being paid at a greatly reduced rate or not at all. This is another hole that allows money to leak out of a practice.

How our pre-certification process works –
We develop a customized pre-certification sheet for your office. Every patient that comes in for a procedure that is listed on this sheet will be verified whether a pre-certification is required or not. If one is required, we will request the notes from your office and obtain the authorization for your office immediately from the proper insurance company. This will ensure that you are reimbursed for your work at the appropriate rate.

Proper pre-certification is a very important part to proper medical billing. If this isn’t done correctly at the beginning, you are letting money just flow out your door.

We offer the following services –
As an add to practices using our medical billing services
As a service to practices who handle their own billing but aren’t able to perform pre-certifcations on their own.

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