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With our patient collections system, practices receive more money

Medical Billing Collections Process

One part of medical billing that often causes practices a great deal of issue is patient collections (medical billing collections).
Our collections process is very efficient with patient collections is at 85% and sometimes as high as 95%.
We begin our patient collections process by sending three statements using the BillFlash. If returned
mail is received, we attempt to locate and correct the patient’s current address. After three statements have been sent
with no response from patient, we will follow up with three telephone calls. If there is still no
resolution, we issue a Certified “final letter” to the patient. This letter requests a response within 10 days of receiving the letter. The final step
is sending the patient to collections at the discretion of the practice.

For high balance patients, we set up monthly or bi-weekly payment plans. We offer percentage discounts
at the practices discretion, when a patient has a large balance but would like to pay it in full at one time.
If the practice is using the X-Charge (Credit Card System) integrated into the Medisoft System
we can take payments in our office. Otherwise we take the information and contact your office to run
payment information.

It is critical to communicate often with patients to ensure that balances don’t become unnecessarily large. We also want to ensure that through our collections process, we do everything possible to maintain the positive relationship your practice has with the patient.

We find that our process works very well and that the outside collections process is rarely used. However, should it become necessary, we have the processes in place to resolve this to the practice’s benefit.

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