Networking a medical practice
Connect all of your technology together into one seamless network.

If your practice has more than one computer, you need a network.

Networking is the connecting together of many types of devices in a way that they can all communicate together and share information. In the past, this meant computers and printers. Now it includes fax devices, phones, tablets, and many other types of technology. This also includes the cabling or wireless devices that connect it all together.

With wireless technology, many new types of devices can now be added to a network. Cell phones, tablets, and iPads are some examples.


Iron Comet can handle setting up a network of just about any size a medical practice would require. This includes setting up multiple locations and having them connect to each other. We are also able to install the cabling at your office location.

Here are some of the ways a network can help your practice –

  • Filter user’s internet access – stop employees from visiting time wasting sites
  • Receive faxes electronically rather using paper and expensive toner
  • Share resources such as printers
  • Share files between users and computers
  • Use wireless devices such as iPads and tablets
  • Share expensive resources such as copiers
  • Backup individual user data to a central location

    Call us today for a free assessment on how a network could improve your office’s workflow. Call us at 770-506-4383.

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