If you lost your data today, could your business survive?


Every day more and more of our business is performed only on computers. Most businesses no longer have paper backups for anything that they do. While this increases efficiency and speed, it also increases the need to ensure this data is adequately secure from damage.

What does this mean? Every business needs a backup system.  

Not only does every business need a backup, it must be a system that is tested and verified to contain the data its supposed to be backing up. The only thing worse than not having a backup is thin you have one but really don’t.

Beyond that is the need for a disaster recovery plan. This is required by many compliance frameworks such as HIPAA. It goes beyond just having a backup. A disaster recovery plan answers two fundamental questions:

  1. How quickly can you be back up and running after a disaster?
  2. How will you go about getting back up and running after a disaster?

While a disaster recovery plan is certain more complex. at its core, it answers these two questions.

We can help you set up a backup system that is reliable and protects your business’ most valuable asset – its data. We can also help you to craft a disaster recovery plan that is tailored to your business and industry., with your unique needs.

Onsite, offsite or both. It doesn’t matter, we can help.

Backup system are a must today.

Get your backup system and let us create your disaster recovery plan before its too late.