Crashed hard drive? Corrupted drivers? Missing updates? You don’t care, all you know is your computer is not working. If you’re  a business then every hour your computers are down is costing you big money.

If you are having any of the following issues, then we can help:

  • Computer won’t load into Windows, gives errors or blue screens
  • Can’t access network resources like printers or servers
  • Computer will not start
  • Monitor will not show your Windows desktop
  • Can’t connect your camera or other devices to your computer
  • Memory or storage space isn’t enough
  • Internet access isn’t working

These are just some of the many typical issues that small businesses run into with their computers. We are able to help with all of these computer repair issues and many more.

Mac or PC? Doesn’t mater to us. Want a memory upgrade? Need a larger hard drive? We can handle all of these for you and get you back up and running.

Most computer repair issues can be resolved quickly for you.

Call us today at 770-506-4383.

Many computer repair issues can be fixed remotely saving you time and money