Save money on office IT – ways to refuse old equipment

It never fails. Almost as soon as you purchase computer related equipment for your office, its already obsolete. And if you want to stay on the cutting edge, you have to pay the high process to do so. That leaves you with an ever growing pile of office equipment that seems unusable in the modern business. We have put together a list of ways you can save money by re-purposing and reusing this old equipment.

Reusing old computers

The easiest way to get benefit out of old computers is to donate them to a tax approved charity and get a tax write off. While this might not seem the best way to save money, it all ads up. If you go this route, be sure you wipe the hard drives securely of any private or confidential business data. There have been many stories written about  people buying used hard drives off of eBay and finding all sorts of data there. you never know who gets a hold of your data and once its out there, its completely out of your control. But if you secure it properly, donating computers is a good way to earn a tax credit for your business.

One thing you can use older computers is for network attached storage (NAS). This is just a fancy way of saying a backup system that is attached to your network. We have setup these computers in out of the way locations for businesses so that if there is ever a burglary, its likely this system wouldn’t be found and a copy of the data would be safe. Best of all, the software to do it, FreeNAS, is well, free.  So you can save money on your backup systems by going this route.

You can use old computers to also setup an office CCTV system. No this isn’t totally free, you still have to buy the cameras, but if you use networked cameras, the old computer can be used to store all the video.


Reusing old tablets

These are also good for donating to schools and day care centers. Especially in under privileged areas. But same with computers, you need to make sure all of your data has been removed.

You can use tablets and picture frames in your office. You can load it with pictures and let them cycle as a picture frame. A few years ago, this type of picture frame made its appearance and were quit expensive. Well if you have an old tablet, you can have it for free.

You can allow staff them as readers and note taking devices for meetings. Tablets offer a quick way to take notes and once they entered, they are digital so they are easy to share with other staff members. This will help you save money on paper since everything is already digital. A good app that works on all tablets is Evernote. There is also one for PCs and Mac workstations. Its free (see, more ways to save money!) and it will sync your notes across all of your devices.

Reusing old monitors and TVs

Old monitors can be used as TVs now that most monitors and TVs share common ports. Did the office TV die, replace it with a older LCD monitor.

You can also setup a TV in customer areas using old monitors.

On the flip side, if you have upgraded your office TVs, you can use the old one for a computer monitor.


The final two things to consider is to sell your old equipment to tech companies. There are a lot of tech companies who will buy ol equipment for cash. No you won’t get anywhere near what you paid for the equipment, but you will get something. That is better than nothing and better than the equipment taking up space in your office collecting dust.

The final way to to put the equipment up on eBay or Craiglist and sell it all. But please remember to  make sure that you clean the devices of all of your personal or confidential company data. Yes, we mentioned it three times in this article because its that important. 40% of all devices bought on those sites still contain data fro the previous owners. That’s scary.

Iron Comet can help you with wiping your old computers and devices to make them ready for donating or selling. We charge a flat rate that won’t break your wallet and can have them back to you ASAP. We will come to your office and pick up the computers, clean them up and deliver them all for the same flat rate. Give us a call at 770-506-4383 to get all that old equipment out of your office today.


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