Reliable Systems and Healthcare Specific IT


Healthcare facilities are a different breed compared to other markets for information technology.  Being a highly scrutinized industry, this market demands that technology solutions meet regulatory requirements in several areas including confidentiality and the privacy of patient information.  (HIPPA)

Providers who successfully implement EMR systems like Mckesson’s Medisoft Clinical or Lytec ultimately partner with firms like Iron Comet who understand the difference between healthcare and other businesses.  Selecting a vendor is crucial to the overall success of your project.  Moving a practice to digital records changes the way that a doctor has worked for many years.  Because most medical practices have little experience with technology implementation, they will need an experienced professional to walk them through this important process.

The different specialties in medical care present an interesting problem.  Each requires its own unique set of solutions that will cater to their needs.  A surgery group will have a vastly different set of circumstances than a primary care practice or a pediatrician.  Your vendor will help establish the best transition to workflows and processes already in place and how it will look in the future.

Having the right technology in place is crucial to establish a workable system.  Reliable computer systems are imminent to stem the tide of downtime in a practice.  These systems must be designed to deliver the highest level of reliability and security.  In the electronic world, there are solutions like clustering and mirroring, redundant data backups, and processes that will keep information available to clinicians even in the event of downtime.

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