Question and Answers for Medisoft version 17

Medisoft Version 17 includes all new HIPPA compliant features.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) affects many phases of patient/provider interaction including privacy and security.  Please visit the HIPPA page for more information

Is Medisoft the only software I need?

Yes, Medisoft is a complete practice management and medical billing software package.  Everything for patient, insurance, billing, and payment information is just one click away right out of the box.

How many users or computers can I have?

Medisoft comes in 3 different packages. 
Medisoft Basic is for one user
Medisoft Advanced is also designed for one user
Medisoft Network Professional is designed to handle up to 1000 users with the proper Advantage database license.

Why is Medisoft so popular and inexpensive?

Medisoft is the best selling practice management and billing software with over 150,000 sold.  They do not have to charge a premium for their software.  The biggest cost for software companies is research and development.  Medisoft has already recouped their investment therefore offers the best value for your dollar of any software package on the market today.
Are Electronic Claims a requirement?

Electronic claims are not required but there are advantages associated with electronic claim filing.  Health insurance carriers provide incentives for faster payment for claims filed electronically.  Medisoft comes with built in support for electronic claims through a clearinghouse.  These clearinghouses process commercial carriers as well as Medicare and Medicaid.  Additional modules are available for sending directly to Medicare without going through a clearinghouse.

Can I access Medisoft from more than one location?

Yes, As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we can provide you with several options for remote access and multisite solutions.

Does Medisoft come with Electronic Medical Records?

Medisoft has released Medisoft Clinical, a full suite of Medisoft practice management software that comes bundled with EMR.  Medisoft Clinical is a CCHIT certified EMR for 2012 and comes with Medisoft Network Professional V17.  With Clinical your practice is also capable of eprescribing and clinical reporting all of which is required in order to qualify for the government stimulus package.

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