Protecting your Data – Backup and Recovery

Whatever the size of your business or practice, the first line of defense requires a backup and recovery solution that delivers speed, reliability and simplicity when it concerns backup and recovery of your computer systems.  You need to protect your data wherever they are located.  A good start would be a solution that addresses disaster recovery and data protection across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Iron Comet can provide your business with this protection by implementing state of the art technology. Whether it is for local servers or workstations we can offer a fit for all these platforms.

If you are seeking offsite backup and recovery service that’s fast, efficient, secure and affordable then call Iron Comet to arrange an assessment of your office so we can advise you on the possibilities.

Surveys have shown that only 21 percent of all small businesses are using the cloud for backup and disaster recovery.  As we move into more dangerous territory with increased threats and malware, it’s important to protect your business from these situations.

Here are some other statistics to consider:

  • 46% of business have implemented a full-scale business continuity plan
  • 65% have tested their backups more regularly
  • 44% have employed third party vendors to help their planning
  • 86% of companies have experienced system downtime in the past year
  • 2.2 days a year, on average are lost due to systems downtime

What’s even more alarming is that 60% of the problems businesses have reported were due to human error.  This was the cause of more downtime than any other factor.  Here are the others causes of unplanned system downtime in 2011:

Power Outages – 29%

Server Room Environmental issues – 44%

Hardware Errors – 14%

Virus or Malware Attack – 18%

Unexpected Updates and Patches – 56%

On Site Disaster – (E.G. Fire, Explosion) – 26%

Natural Disaster – 10%


When it comes to protecting your business data, don’t hesitate to call on Iron Comet to help you set up a quality plan to keep your downtime to a minimum.


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