Last year, a serious case involving students at Cañon City High School prompted a felony investigation due to students trading nude and semi nude photos of themselves. The school, about 115 miles south of Denver was rocked to find out that so many students had been involved.

After investigation, it was found that no adults or teachers were involved. Think about that for a minute. This was only students sharing these photos without being coerced. Many of the photos were taken on campus.

The students used an app that works like a photo vault but makes itself look like another app like a calculator or media player. It protects the photos and keeps them hidden from parent’s prying eyes and allowed the student to share photos back and forth.

So the reality here is that most teens have probably sexted and many are sharing nude photos of themselves.

Read the full story here on CNN.

Here is what you can do to protect your children, even from themselves.

Talk to your children directly. For them, this may seem like its not a big deal. But if they are minors, it’s a child exploitation felony. It may even result in them landing on the sex offender’s registry. Understand that they may be under intense peer pressure. Remind them that once a photo is taken and sent, its out there and can never be deleted. It is always a part of our past.

Check your teen’s phone for duplicate apps like two calculators, two media players etc.

Use parental controls on the phone to prevent such apps from being installed.

Doing these things should go a long way to helping protect your children.