Practical Technology Devices for EMR

Advancement in modern technology has made its way into practical technology.  Today we’ll update you on the tools we use and what is working best for doctors who uses EMRs.

Tablet computers, iPads and other lightweight devices have now become commonplace in doctors offices.  Providers have realized that these smaller versions of a regular computer can help them glide through their busy day without the cumbersome and time consuming task of going back and forth to their office.  These multifaceted communications devices are treasured for their value and convenience.

Some practices have had the foresight to give patients an iPad while they are in the exam room waiting on the doctor or nurse.  The iPad contains educational videos that help inform the patient on important medical issues.  This is another innovation that will continue to expand as technology makes its way into the medical office.

Table computers are for the most part inexpensive, topping out at around $800.  Doctors can quickly adapt to these devices entering in patient data to the EMR.  We have found these are the most practical computers to use.  IPads are difficult to type notes but work fine for point and click duties.

Surveys show that more than 80% of doctors in own smartphones.  Tablet operating systems are virtually the same as the ones on their smartphones but other than making a phone call they are easier to use in the exam room.  They do not have to relearn an entirely new system since the familiarity is already there.  With a tablet, a doctor can gain remote access to the EMR and view or enter patient data at the point of care.  With the advent of remote access a provider will have all the information he needs to work on progress notes and diagnosis.

Because of a larger graphics display, a doctor can illustrate or help explain injuries and illnesses to the patient.  The growth of technology will continue to help doctors find ways to use these devices to improve their work related duties.

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