Physicians Using Social Media Marketing Helps Patients Find a Doctor Easier

Social Media Marketing is one of the biggest buzz phrases in physician marketing services today.  It seems everyone from grandparents to parents use social media to find just about anything.  Physicians who know how to use social media marketing techniques to their fullest are the ones who are most often found fastest on the Internet.

Iron Comet's Social Media Marketing Plan can help your medical practice achieve greater results online.As a small business, you really cannot ignore social media marketing.  Facebook alone has more subscribers than the 4th  largest country in the world.  Twitter has 500 Million users.  YouTube gets over 1 Billion video viewers every month.

A majority of your patients use social media daily.  In addition, they are using it to ask their friends about your reputation and referrals to other doctors they have had success with.  They use social media sites on their mobile devices to get your address and your phone number and to see what hours you are open.  In some cases, your social media presence scores better in search engines than your own website. It’s a fact, you cannot (and should not) be ignoring the financial gains that a well implemented social media marketing plan can net you.

Social Media Marketing for Doctors is a Natural Fit

Physicians using social media marketing report that they see more patients.  They also tell us that their patients are more likely to recommend them to others using social media because it is simpler than email and they can broadcast their message to their multitude of social media friends easier.  Another interesting by-product of physicians and social media is that through the posts you make, patients come in asking about additional services that you offer or can refer them to.

All too often though, implementing a social media strategy for your doctor practice marketing can become cumbersome, confusing and not deliver the results you expected.  Our clients frequently come to us with these social media marketing strategy questions:

  • Where do I post my social media marketing campaigns?
  • What should I post to my social media sites?
  • How often should I post?

And that’s just the tip of the social media optimization iceberg of issues that face a physician or their practice manager when deciding to implement a social media plan when marketing for doctors.  Not to mention the amount of time that is spent (some would say wasted) on learning how to use social media for marketing their practice.   At the end of the day, you probably just want someone else who knows how to use social media for doctors to handle it.

The Patient Magnet System Has Social Media Marketing for Doctors Built In

We listened when our Medical Billing Services clients asked us about social media marketing and using social media for physicians.  What we heard is that most practices needed an “all in one – done for them” social media marketing services company to take over this daunting but essential task.

The Patient Magnet System from Iron Comet uses social media marketing to drive new patients to your waiting room.That’s why we built in social media marketing packages as part of our online marketing for doctors Patient Magnet System.  Our goal is to use social media marketing to help you reach new patient prospects and also to make stronger connections with your existing patients.

We start by setting up your social media pages.  All of your social media sites will be setup with the same branded theme that is used on your physicians website. This ensures that your practice has a professional, consistent image and message for existing patients as well as prospective new patients, on the following sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn (We integrate your existing page or set up a new one if you don’t already have a personal page – optional.)

Once we establish a professional, consistent brand image and message across these sites, we work to optimize Social Media Marketing for doctors has become the digital word of mouth.your medical practice’s marketing with social media. These efforts include:

  • Posting of Articles and Messages on a regular basis, on both your blog as well as various social media sites
  • Connecting with Patients who use social media to “Like” (FB), “Follow” (Twitter and YouTube), and “Plus” you (Google+)
  • Moderate and Respond to Comments (includes  social media reputation monitoring services)
  • Post Your Videos on YouTube and then link those videos to all your other social media sites
  • Alert you to any health questions posed so you can personally respond

Bottom line, Iron Comet’s Patient Magnet System makes marketing for physicians easy.  We handle all the details that social media marketing requires so you can concentrate on providing the best care for your patients. The Patient Magnet System also handles all your email marketing, website design & maintenance, online directory submissions as well as online reputation management. Visit our Patient Magnet System Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

To find out more how Iron Comet’s Patient Magnet System can roll up all your physician marketing services into one neat simplified package simply call us at 1-855-476-2668 to speak with a medical practice marketing specialist, or contact us here.

Social media is only going to have more influence on your new and existing patients.  Isn’t it time you got into the game and started winning?

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