Online Reputation Management and Monitoring for Doctors

Online reputation management for doctors is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.  In today’s connected world, patients have access to many online doctor reviews websites where they can post both positive and sometimes negative reviews about you or your practice.  Ignoring or not knowing about your online doctor reviews can cause your practice to suffer.

Katie Courac of the CBS Evening News on Online Reputation Management for Healthcare Professionals

(The above video is not an implied endorsement by Katie Courac or CBS, it is intended for educational purposes only to highlight the impact of negative physician reviews on medical practices.)

Physician online reputation and review management is often overlooked when you are thinking about your medical practice’s marketing plan.  As many new patients’ read reviews of your practice online before deciding to come to you for services, it is essential that those reviews be positive.  If there are negative reviews, you MUST ensure that it is responded to in a professional and compassionate manner so as to give an objective viewpoint for other potential patients looking for your services.

Online Reputation Monitoring For Doctors Increases Practice Revenue

Many physicians are not aware of the damage even a single negative review or comment can have on the overall health of their practice.  You have spent years in medical school, residency and private practice, but a single negative review from a disgruntled patient, ex-employee or even a competing physician can have disastrous impact on your practice.

This is where Iron Comet’s Patient Magnet System Doctor Reputation Management service can help.  We are constantly monitoring over 50 of the most visited physician online reputation sites including:


Iron Comet’s Patient Magnet System Helps Protect Your Online Reputation

Online reputation management for physicians is at the core of the Patient Magnet System’s marketing offerings.  In addition to building your optimized website, managing your email marketing, submitting your practice to local business directories and handling your social media marketing, Iron Comet’s physician marketing team also ensures that your reputation is monitored online. Not only are we vigilant for online comments and reviews and report them back to you and your staff, we go a step further and respond (with your approval) to any negative reviews.  We seek out the patient to see if there is anything that could be done to resolve the issue to the patient’s satisfaction.

Through online reputation management, Iron Comet helps physicians keep track and improve their patient reviews.Our approach to online physician reputation management is to treat the patient in a respectful and professional manner as your representative to resolve the issue. If the patient refuses to resolve the matter, we will post a final comment as a response so that new prospect patients will see that your practice treats each negative comment as valid and responds in kind. It is imperative that patients see you as caring and being responsive to their issues. That is the key to reputation management for doctors practices.

Additional Benefits of Online Reputation Management and Monitoring

Search Engine Optimization

When we respond to reviews, we are also looking for ways to increase the overall visibility of your medical practice online.  We seed responses with relevant keywords related to your practice which increases the likelihood that your practice will bubble up to the top pages of search engines.  In addition, we provide “backlinks” to your site, this again assists your website in achieving better rankings in search engine results.  We also encourage patients to leave positive reviews which also greatly increases your chances of ranking higher in local search engine results.

Reduces Staff Time Burden

In addition to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits that our online reputation management services for physicians provides, there is a savings in terms of yours and staff’s time.  If your staff had to keep track of all of the sites and comments to manage your online reputation, they probably would never get anything else done.  Using the Patient Magnet System frees your staff to assist in providing superior care, not putting out fires on online doctor review sites.

Objective Issue Handling

Even if your staff had all the time to handle your online and social media reputation management, can you be sure they would respond appropriately?  Because online reputation protection is what we do for many other doctors, we know how to craft a response to get patients to see your point of view.  The patient  may not remove the review, but we ensure that a reasonable and objective response is posted so potential and current patients see that you care and are reasonable.  Too many times, staff and even doctors themselves respond in an impassioned manner that may only fuel the fire instead of diffusing it.

Iron Curtain’s Patient Magnet System Is a Complete Physician Marketing Service

You’ve spent years building your practice.  Don’t let bad reviews drain your waiting room and bank account.  The Patient Magnet System is affordable and comprehensive.  We handle the details of your physician marketing so you don’t have to.  For less than you think, you can rest easier knowing that your marketing spend is actually paying off.  Doctors reputation management services is just one aspect of a complete 360 degree physician marketing strategy that Iron Curtain implements for you.

Call us today at 1-855-476-2668 for a free, no free obligation physician marketing services consultation, or contact us here.

We’ll make sure that your online reputation is well protected and that your practice is seeing an ever increasing number of patients walking through your door.


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