Using Physician Websites to Market Your Medical Practice

Iron Comet builds beautiful physician websites for its clients that attract new patients and engages existing ones.Physician websites have traditionally been “brochure” style.  Simply put, most doctor websites are boring and only used by existing patients for finding a physician’s address, phone number and hours – and little else.   Online marketing for doctors has evolved, but many physician websites have lagged behind this trend.

Iron Comet’s Physician Marketing Services Division can provide dynamic medical website design.  We design websites for doctors that highlight a medical practice’s unique qualities and assists them in increasing the number of patients who find a doctor through searching the web on their computer or on their mobile devices.  A well designed physician website caters to the needs of your present patients and lets prospective patients know what to expect when they choose you for their physician.

Physician Websites “Must Have” Checklist

Iron Comet’s physician website services takes into account the critical role that the web plays in marketing for physicians.  Every website for medical professionals includes the following key feature for present and prospective patients:

  • Complete practice contact details including phone, fax, email, street address and hours of operation
  • Schedule and/or request appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • Pay their bills through the site
  • Allow patients to discover if you are “in network” for their insurance coverage
  • Find useful and relevant patient education content
  • Download free health reports
  • Capture email and name for subscribing to your newsletter
  • Links to all social media pages you have such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Allow patients to leave reviews of the practice

A physician’s website needs to be a resource that engages both existing and new patients so that they choose your practice over your local competition.  If your present physician website doesn’t produce results, then you should talk to Iron Comet’s expert medical website designers.

Iron Comet’s Patient Magnet System Delivers a Steady Stream of New Patients

Since we deal with literally hundreds of medical practices with our medical billing and medical record scanning services, we know what medical practices needs are.  This is why we developed the Patient Magnet System to automate the marketing of your practice.  We listened and this is what we heard our physician clients telling us:

  • We want to focus on providing quality care to our patients, not building websites and marketing
  • We don’t have time to produce a lot of content that would help us market ourselves online
  • We can’t keep up with social media and maintain several social media web pages reliably (or competently)
  • We don’t have the staff to monitor what patients are saying about our practice online

Phycisian websites are only one piece of the puzzle.  We manage what your patients are saying and encourage positive reviews to get posted online.Physician websites are only one factor in how new patients research and find a doctor, dentist or chiropractor on the web.  More often than not, new patients will look to online physician directories, social media and reviews left by other patients to make their decision.  If your practice is not maximizing all of these channels, chances are you are losing patients to your competitors who are.

The Patient Magnet System utilizes all of the relevant channels that new patients use to find a doctor online or on their mobile device.  Here’s a short list of the main benefits of using the Patient Magnet System for your practice:

  • A fully optimized physician website that will be found through search engines (SEO Optimized)
  • A fully operational appointment booking utility that integrates with your existing appointment setting system
  • Setup and maintenance of all social media pages for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+
  • Local Online Directory submissions of your physician website and comprehensive listing of services offered (i.e. Yahoo, Google, Yelp, Manta and many more)
  • Reputation management for your practice with personalized responses to any negative comments regarding your practice
  • eMail collection and scheduled mailing services allowing you to send targeted emails to all your patients with relevant health content

The takeaway is that Iron Comet will handle the marketing for your practice so you (and your staff) can focus on providing superior healthcare services for your patients.  Iron Comet delivers much greater value than just physician website design service.  We know that a doctors website is only one part of their physician marketing plan.  In order to be truly successful you’ll need to have an integrated 360 degree approach to marketing your practice.

Get a Free Marketing Evaluation for Your Medical Practice

Don’t spend your marketing dollars foolishly.  Get real results with a proven healthcare marketing system that drives patients through your doors like a magnet.  Contact one of our physician marketing specialists to learn more, by calling us at 855-476-2668 or contact us here to get more information and a free marketing evaluation for your practice.


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