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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions our physician marketing services clients pose when deciding to stop wasting their marketing dollars and start making their investment payoff.  Marketing your medical practice is a daunting task that can take many different paths to ensure success.  Iron Comet’s Patient Magnet System uses proven medical practice marketing techniques in promoting your practice.  Our powerful combination of tactics ensures that critical strategies are being put to use to drive an unlimited stream new patients coming through your door.

Frequently asked questions about Iron Comet's physician marketing services.

[expand title=”1. What does turnkey mean for this service?“]Turnkey means just that.  We handle all of the marketing for your website from the moment you decide to use our Physician Marketing Services.  You’ll meet with your physician marketing consultant, and together you will determine the best strategy to engage existing and new patients for your practice.  Then, we apply our proven Patient Magnet System that is designed to maximize your online and email marketing for you.  We’ll design your website, manage your email marketing, monitor and manage your online reputation, submit your site to local business listings, and even set up and maintain your social media presence.  We leave no stone unturned in delivering results for your practice.  The best part, you (or your staff) won’t have to lift a finger.  It’s all done for you and included for one low monthly cost.[/expand]
[expand title=”2. Why is there a monthly fee for this service?“]Medical practice marketing for doctors, dentists, chiropractors and other health professionals is not a “set it and forget it” task.  Like your patients, they need continuing care to experience the best results.  Our medical practice marketing team is constantly optimizing your practice’s online presence on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Our medical marketing professionals work tirelessly to ensure that your practice’s online presence is frequently updated with the most comprehensive and engaging content.  This includes new blog posts, monthly email newsletters, updating your social media profiles, adding new email addresses to your database and ensuring that your local business listings are getting posted.  We also monitor your online reputation 24/7, responding to any critical comments and encouraging existing patients to write positive reviews of your practice.  When you hire Iron Comet, we work relentlessly day in and day out to ensure that you are seeing results from our efforts.[/expand]
[expand title=”3. Will you manage my social media accounts?“]Yes. This is a critical component of your medical practice marketing strategy.  As part of the Patient Magnet System, we focus on establishing and maintaining your practice’s social media presence on Facebook, Google+, YouTube (for videos) and Twitter. We will regularly post content for you and also respond to comments on your behalf. All comments will be treated in a respectful and professional manner to help ensure you have a strong reputation.  Our goal is to ensure that existing and prospective patients are able to find you and get a good idea of how you approach your practice and what they can expect by choosing you to be their physician, dentist, chiropractor or health services professional.  You can read more about our social media marketing services here.  For an additional fee, we will build (or optimize) your profile for you and link it to a “business” page on LinkedIn.  Many physicians ask for our help in building this valuable personal resource that can act as an ad hoc resume as well. [/expand]
[expand title=”4. Can you create videos for me?“]Yes.  This is an add-on service that we can provide for you to help in your YouTube channel marketing efforts. You can provide us with videos footage you take, or we can have a skilled video crew work with you at your location to film you, your staff and your offices and we can get it edited to a professional video ready for web distribution.  Or we can assemble a PowerPoint video for you that require you simply supply us with the content and our video editors will assemble it so it is ready for posting on YouTube and others.   We will handle the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the videos and get them uploaded to all of the popular video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and others. We highly suggest that you employ video in marketing your practice as it is a sure fire way to connect with new patients who are not familiar with you.  For less than you would imagine, you can have professionally produced videos distributed on the web helping to promote your practice.[/expand]
[expand title=”5. Do you offer reputation management?“]Yes.  Our team of medical practice marketing professionals monitor 50 of the most popular doctor review websites every day, searching for reviews posted by patients.  If we find a critical review, we respond in a professional, caring and courteous manner in an attempt to get the negative review changed or removed.  You are made aware of all reviews that are posted.  We even do the work of encouraging your present patients to post positive reviews on the most popular sites, which helps you gain positions in search engines and sends a positive signal to prospective patients.  Read more about our Reputation Management Services here.  This is included in the Patient Magnet System at no additional charge.[/expand]
[expand title=”6. What are Online Physician Directories?“]Online physician directories and local business directories are websites which list doctors and health care providers practice information.  Our services ensure that your practice’s information is up to date and complete.  We submit your practice’s information such as phone number, website, email and more to ensure that existing and prospective patients can find you easily.  Submitting your practice information is included in the monthly cost for marketing your practice.  Learn more about our online local business listings and  physician directory submission services here.[/expand]
[expand title=”7. Can I do email marketing to my patients?“]Our Physician Marketing Services also include email marketing. In fact, it’s a very large part of what we will do for you. Email marketing that is done ethically is a very effective and cost effective way for you to reach your patients.  Monthly we send out a professionally designed newsletter that has health related articles in it that you approve for sending.  To learn more about how we help build your email list and then maintain a relationship with your patients through email, click here. [/expand]
[expand title=”8. Do you offer training on how to do this myself?“]Unfortunately, the time and effort to teach you (or your staff) what our medical practice marketing experts do on a daily basis would take a huge commitment of yours and/or your staff’s time.  This is why we offer the Patient Magnet System as a turnkey service.  We do not offer marketing training at this time, as our doctor practice clients prefer that we handle the marketing tasks as this is what we do full time so they can concentrate on providing exceptional care for their patients.[/expand]
[expand title=”9. Do you help me get ranked higher in Google?“]This is a huge part of the Patient Magnet System. Everything we do is designed to increase your Google rankings organically.  There are many ways to “game the system” with Google that will produce dramatic short term benefits. However, what follows is always a Google penalty and often being removed from Google entirely. Our “whitehat” physician marketing services guarantees that your website will be found by patients and prospective patients when they search for your name, the practice’s name or any specialty that you provide in your local market.  We know what works with Google and have perfected the Patient Magnet System to optimize and maximize your presence in search engine results. [/expand]
[expand title=”10. What about other search engines like Bing or Yahoo?“]While Google certainly has the market share, we don’t leave these out. We make sure that you are listed in these major search engines as well.  Our system has proven verifiable results that ensures your site is optimized to for improved results listings in search engines.[/expand]
[expand title=”11. Do you help me get more reviews?“]Yes, part of the Patient Magnet System is focused on collecting more positive reviews for you and your practice.  Since a large number of new patients use the internet to search for reviews on prospective healthcare providers, we make sure to solicit (via email) existing patients to leave a review of their recent experiences with your practice.  You can read more about our social media marketing here, as well as physician review and local business listing support here.  If you have critical reviews, we will respond t those as well to attempt to resolve the issue, or at the very least soften the tone of the review.  Read more about our online reputation management services here.[/expand]
[expand title=”12. What about sites like Yelp?“]We create listings that are complete, pictures, videos, etc. for the top 30 listing sites online. Collectively, these 30 sites receive 90% of the internet traffic to such sites.  Learn more about our local business listing services here.[/expand]
[expand title=”13. Who will monitor my pages and listings for comments?“]We will do this in real time, 24/7. We will respond to any negative comments in a professional and respectful way.  Learn more about our reputation management services here.[/expand]
[expand title=”14. Will you respond to negative reviews?“]Yes, we will absolutely respond to all negative reviews. Our goal is to engage the patient that left the review and see if we can help repair the issue that was addressed in hopes of saving the patient relationship and to also see if they will eventually modify their review.  You are alerted to any critical reviews as well as reviews that involve health issues.  Together we formulate a professional, empathic response that shows that you care about your patients and that you do indeed respond in a positive and objective way to any criticisms.  Learn more about our reputation management services here.[/expand]

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