Why Email Marketing to Patients is Important

Physicians using email marketing see a greater number of return visits as well as referrals.Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for medical practice marketing.  Nearly every patient has an email address, and if they don’t, a relative or caretaker usually does.  This fact makes patient email newsletter marketing one of the single most important elements of marketing your medical practice.

eMail marketing is often confused with spam.  Make no mistake, there is plenty of spam out there, but your email isn’t spam.  In fact, patient emails are welcomed because you are a trusted source of important health information for them.  At Iron Comet, we specialize in email marketing for physicians and doctors.

Email Marketing for Medical Practices Simplified

The essential element for any physician email marketing campaign success is having your patients email addresses.  Iron Comet helps you collect email addresses from your patients in a non-intrusive manner. We then automate the sending of relevant health related emails and patient newsletters that engage your patients to take the following desired actions:

  • Increase their number of visits to your office
  • Pass your email onto friends and family members
  • Inquire about additional services you offer and/or referrals

The key is knowing how to automate the process so as not to drain your time or your staff’s time.  Iron Comet, through our Patient Magnet System eMail Marketing Services gives you the tools to engage your patient’s with timely, well designed patient email newsletters that you approve.  We make the process of using patient email marketing simple, so all you have to do is approve the message.  You are ALWAYS in control of the messages that are sent.

Physicians and Email Marketing Are a Natural Fit

Because you are a trusted health professional for your patients, they naturally expect that you will be interested in helping them stay healthy.  This is why patient email newsletter marketing is so effective.

Once an email is collected, we know that we have to ensure that your patient feels that you have their best interests at heart.  This is why we create an eBook, a whitepaper, a report or other informational vehicle that they can download right away once they opt in to your patient email list.  This method is employed on your physicians website to attract those researching your practice to engage with you and learn more about you and your treatment methods.  Once your patient or a new potential patient downloads the content piece, they are much more likely to form a positive opinion of your medical practice’s services.

As part of your medical email marketing campaign, patients receive your newsletter.
Medical Email Newsletter Example

In addition to collecting emails on your physician website, we also train your staff to collect emails at every contact with your patients.  This way we ensure that we get the most number of patients on your email marketing list.

Every month we send out a health related newsletter that is branded with your practice’s logo and your image (if you desire).  There is an extremely high likelihood that your list recipients will share this message with friends or family by passing the email along, posting to a social media site or even printing it and giving it to a friend.  It is word of mouth advertising done digitally.

In addition to the health articles you approve to be sent to the list, we can also add in a sales message for your medical practice’s services or other product that you want to endorse to your list.  This is where consistent and regular marketing message to patients pays off in spades.

Iron Comet’s Patient Magnet System Delivers Higher Value For Marketing Your Practice

The Patient Magnet System, which includes the patient emails, patient e-newsletters and email promotions is one of the most comprehensive medical marketing services you can tap into.  Patient marketing is a must in today’s competitive healthcare space.  With the Patient Magnet System, you’ll get the most essential pieces of your medical office marketing plan done for you by physician marketing experts.

From your website, to managing your online reviews, to posting your practice’s vital information to online doctor directories and taking care of your social media presence, the Patient Magnet System from Iron Comet has your marketing to patients covered.  We have marketing for physicians figured out and we can apply it for you at a cost far less than you might imagine.

Contact us today at 855-476-2668, or send us a message here, and we’ll review with you how our doctor patient marketing techniques can increase the health of your practice.


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