ONC Releases First Web-based Security Training Game

The Office of the National Coordinator  (ONC) has released an excellent Privacy and Security Game.  It can help health care professionals learn how to make sure all the data in your office is securely handled.  I played the first part of the game and enjoyed the questions.  I’m sure they will get tougher as the game progresses.  I encourage all doctors and staff to have some fun with this fun way to learn.

Just click on the link at the end of this blog and test your knowledge.  Good Luck!

Here is the official announcement”


ONC Releases First Web-based Security Training Game

ONC’s Office of the Chief Privacy Officer (OCPO) today announced the release of its first Web-based security training module, CyberSecure: Your Medical Practice. The security training module, which was developed with the assistance of the Regional Extension Center Program’s Privacy and Security Community of Practice, uses a game format that requires users to respond to privacy and security challenges often faced in a typical small medical practice. Users choosing the right response earn points and see their virtual medical practices flourish. But users making the wrong security decisions can hurt their virtual practices.
The use of gamification by ONC is an innovative approach aimed at educating health care providers to make more informed decisions regarding privacy and security of health information.
The security training game can be accessed on www.healthit.gov/providers-professionals/privacy-security-training-games.


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