WorryFree Offsite Backup Service

WorryFree is Iron Comet’s secure offsite backup service. It allows you to send your data securely to an offsite location. This protects your data from threats such as natural disasters (consider the severe tornadoes in Alabama in 2011) and robbery. In addition, with the increase of internet threats through spyware, viruses and other malicious software are wreaking havoc on many businesses. Conventional backups are not enough security for important data and documents.

Consider WorryFree to provide secure backups for your company.
Here are some reasons why you should use a professional service:
• High failure rates
• Human error accounts for many data losses
• Poor flexibility by fixed capacity tapes, disks and drives
• Slow read/write speed

A recent survey by the University of North Carolina’s Information Technology Service reports that “a hard drive crashes every 15 seconds.”
Many small and medium sized businesses and medical practices do not back up their data at all and what’s even worse is many backup systems fail to work.
Conventional methods of backups like tapes, DVD/CD and external hard drives are not reliable enough for businesses and medical offices

With the WorryFree Offsite Backup Service by Iron Comet, you’ll receive world class support. Support for our remote online backup services does not work like most companies. The technician assigned to a client is responsible for making sure that client’s backup and restore issues are addressed promptly, and all of our technicians take this responsibility very seriously. We think you’ll find our support one of the most responsive of any company you have dealt with.

Our Secure Offsite Backup Service allows you to choose between several available encryption algorithms and key strengths up to 128-bit AES. VaultLogix recommends keeping more than one copy of your encryption password(s) in safe, secured remote locations. One consideration to note is that lost passwords cannot be recovered. They are NEVER transmitted to our secure online data backup servers. We have NO WAY of getting them back.

What if I have a transmission or connection failure during the Remote online backup session? Our remote backup software was built to use the internet as the data transport. If a transmission is interrupted in the middle of a backup, the Iron Vault software will continue to retry until a connection can be re-established and then continue the secure online data backup where it was interrupted. The online backup software transmits data to two separate Tier One data centers. Redundant fail-safe systems protect the data in every step of the backup and storage process. Both the primary center and the secondary remote center are heavily secured.

We have built our business around the remote online backup services needs of businesses. Clients that use our secure online backup software have one thing in common-they value their data. Iron Comet has designed an easily managed, affordable online data backup solution that is scalable. Our clients range from corporations with hundreds of locations to one-person offices. Support, administration and service structures were developed to meet the requirements of business clients. Our secure remote online backup software will lessen your administrative burden and let you sleep better at night.

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