According to CNN, kids are spending a mind blowing nine hours per day using some form of online media. From the article:

“Let’s just put nine hours in context for a second. That’s more time than teens typically spend sleeping, and more time than they spend with their parents and teachers. And the nine hours does not include time spent using media at school or for their homework.”

And here’s another quote to scare you for your younger children:

“Tweens, identified as children 8 to 12, spend about six hours, on average, consuming media, the report found.”

This got me thinking, how do we as parents, control this, monitor this and make sure that our kids are safe.

I started to research this a bit to gather some info for my own kids and I thought this would be helpful to you guys as well.

This organization, iKeepsafe, has a lot of free information on what you can do to protect your kids. Here are some examples:

These were a good read for me to help make sure I had my kids protected.

I kept reading and found this site, Get Safe Online, has a TON if information on how to protect kids on computers, phones, tablets and just about every other device you might need help on.

and finally, here’s the federal governement’s site. Federal Trade Commission Our tax dollars at work right, so let’s use them. It has lots of links on cyber bullying, protecting from predators etc.

Here’s another CNN link that shows you how you can block the worst of social media. This is a good start for parents.

And my personal favorite, To catch a predator.

This was a tv show in the middle 2000s that had fake under aged children used to lure predators and then arrest them. It will really surprise you if you haven’t already seen them. One episode happned in south Georgia. Scary.

I hope this helps someone out there to keep kids safe. It’s a lot easier for kids to get in trouble than when I was young. The worst thing we had was looking at porn magazines and sometimes videos on Cinemax. But that is all long gone and now kids have access to ANYTHING 24 hours per day.

Good luck and I hope this helps.