More Revenue for Your Medical Office

Finding lost time in a medical office requires you to take a hard look at procedures and monitor your staff’s movements during the day.  To identify wasted activity, have a meeting and map a typical patient’s activity and where each staff member comes into contact with the patient.


There are many ways to save time and pinpoint duplication of activities.  What is done at each encounter should be documented before making suggestions.  Handing off responsibilities is one key to helping the bottom line.  Consider delegating the following:

Initial assessment

Patient history and documentation


Wound care

Laboratory ordering for on-site services

Patient education

Qualified employees can also process refill requests and handle some of the coding required.  Keep and eye out for a lack of morale and burnout.

If you start with basics like keeping the schedule and making sure long appointments are booked earlier in the day then your staff’s time can be maximized.  Cutting down on no shows can be remedied by purchasing an appointment reminder service which can notify patients with email, text or phone calls automatically.

Use technology to enhance efficiency

There is always a learning curve when implementing new technology like EMR systems.  Once the staff is proficient, these tools can improve productivity with the array of options at their disposal.  Getting patient education materials quickly using the EMR is a great way to cut down on time.  Increasing productivity is a gradual process so make small changes to gain momentum.  Once the staff understands the new process the office should run smoother.  With increased efficiency, increased profits, happier patients and a motivated staff are sure to follow.




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