So you bought the latest Apple iPhone (or iPad) or Samsung Android device….

Call us at 770-506-4383 to get the help you need setting up your new phone or tablet for your business.

Do you feel you’re not getting the full use of the device?

Do you need to make sure the data is deleted from your old phone before you sell it or give it away?

Want to integrate your smartphone with your business?

These are all areas where Iron Comet can help you.

Here are some common business uses for your devices that we can help you with:

  • Sync the calendar from your computer and device (phone and/or tablet)
  • Store and have your travel itineraries updated automatically
  • Manage your receipts and expenses to easily provide a copy to your accountant
  • Keep notes, pictures, recordings all in one program and organized according to customer, vendor etc.
  • Use the device to pay for goods or services – rather than using cash or credit cards
  • Find the best hotels based on where you currently are – best restaurants, and entertainment
  • Any many, many more….

If you have a new device and want to sell or give away your older one, you need to be very careful. We will ensure:

  • All pictures have been backed up and removed
  • Calendar data
  • Call histories
  • Text and other messages
  • Programs
  • and many others….

Call Iron Comet today at 770-506-4383 to get your new mobile device setup and the most use out of it.