Missed Appointments are Revenue Leaks

Missed appointments are the biggest cause of lost Revenue Leaks in a medical office.   This is certainly not a new issue but there are now solutions to plugging these costly leaks with fantastic technology.

A busy medical practice can now easily and efficiently remind  patients of their appointments directly from their Medisoft practice management system lost of revenue leaks.  With the use of text messages, phone calls and emails the system will automatically contact the patient without wasting the staff’s valuable time.

Our new technology pulls the information directly from Medisoft and then allows patients to confirm revenue leaks, cancel or reschedule.  Another great benefit is that the system is fully HIPPA compliant.  The caller ID will also show the number for your practice.  With the advent of smart phones a patient will be reminded in several different ways of the appointment.

When you add up the time spent to have your front office call all your patients, the savings can be significant.  Contact us at Iron Comet for pricing information to further discuss and clarify any questions you might have.


Iron Comet Consulting is a certified Platinum Reseller for McKesson and is located in StockbridgeGeorgia.  We are a full service medical IT and billing company.


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