Medisoft V9 SP 2 – released July 7, 2005

This page contains information for Medisoft version 9 (Medisoft v9). Once Medisoft v11 was released, Medisoft v9 was no longer supported. If you are still using Medisoft v9, it is highly advisable for you to upgrade to the current version. You can get more information on the current version of Medisoft at this link – Medisoft

The following is a list of the items that were corrected in Medisoft v9 Service Pack 2 –

  • Medisoft
  • The Net Effect Column has been fixed on the Activity Summary Report by Procedure The Insurance Payment Comparison report has been fixed to allow up to five insurances to be compared at the same time
  • The date column in the Patient Remainder Aging report has been fixed
  • The provider column in the Patient List has been widened to show all of the provider code
  • The Practice Analysis and the Patient Day sheet now include Insurance Takebacks.
  • On the summary page under the adjustment section there is a new column for the takebacks
  • Part of the amount was being cut off on large deposits that expanded multiple days.
  • The Locate and Locate Next functions are fixed in the Patient List
  • The problem with large entry numbers being cut off on the Patient Day Sheet has been fixed
  • Office Hours The Patient List has been added to clear window positions function
  • The filtering for inactive patients has been fixed
  • The problem with the Appointment List being opened simultaneously on two different machines has been fixed

Download Medisoft v9 SP2 from the links below.


Office Hours Professional

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