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Medisoft Medical Billing Software Version 18 Network Professional upgrade from v17. This version will work on multiple computers , but requires an Advantage Database License, sold separately.

Includes Free Office Hours Professional Version 18
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Medisoft 18 – What’s New?

ANSI 5010 Compliance

Medisoft 18 is ready for ANSI 5010. Medisoft 18 has made changes to accommodate new standards that regulate the electronic transmission of specific healthcare transactions, including eligibility, claim status, referrals, claims and remittances. By 2012, providers will be required to comply, so get started now and avoid the headache later!

Electronic Transaction Reporting

Medisoft® Version 18 (v18) includes four new reports to help you manage electronic transactions related to verifying your patients’ insurance eligibility and submitting claims to insurance providers. New reports include: Appointment Eligibility Analysis Detail, Appointment Eligibility Analysis Summary, Electronic Claims Analysis Detail and Electronic Claims Analysis Summary.
Improved Audit Reports

Medisoft v18 includes a feature that allows you to track the reporting and exporting of data when you generate audit reports. A new option on the Audit tab in Program Options allows you to turn this feature on or off. It is turned on by default. Certain reports or grids that are printed or saved to disk will be audited. When printed from either Transaction Entry or Statement Manager, the audit reports include Medisoft reports, Office Hours data, Final Draft reports, Internal reports, Statements and Eligibility information.
BillFlash Integration

Medisoft now uses BillFlash to print and mail patient statements. With Medisoft v18, you can enroll in BillFlash directly from within Medisoft, as well as upload your statement files directly from Medisoft automatically. You can view and approve statement uploads to BillFlash by clicking links from within Medisoft within seconds!
Revenue Management Click Reduction

Numerous changes have been made to the way Revenue Management works in order to reduce the number of clicks a user must perform to achieve the desired result.

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