Medisoft v14 adds UB-04 claims support. If you need to process these types of claims, you can easily enable UB-04 specific fields in the application on the Program Options, Data Entry tab. Version 14 also provides UB-04 claim processing. Once you have entered data in the UB-04 fields for a patient, you can enter transactions and then create and print UB-04 claims. You will enter transactions and create UB-04 claims as you would for other insurance claims. You will also print the UB-04 claims the same except for the report format you choose when printing. For more information on this feature, see UB-04 Claims Overview .

Custom Date Entry for ERA Posting

Medisoft v14 here now supports a quick method for a entering a custom remittance date. The Program Options window, Data Entry tab now provides a new option that you can select so that you are prompted to enter a remittance date after selecting a file to post. For more information on selecting this feature, see Program Options, Data Entry Tab .

Global Days

The Global Coverage feature lets you enter multiple charges for follow up visits after a surgery. When you enter a Global Surgical Procedure for a patient in Transaction Entry, all transactions entered during the global coverage period will default to a zero-dollar amount and will not be included on claims. Once the global coverage period expires, the charges default back to the standard amount. For more information on this feature, see Global Coverage Overview .
Patient Quick Entry (Available with Medisoft Advanced and Network Pro)

Version 14 now offers a customized interface for patient entry. Using this feature allows you to set up a method for entering patient data that reflects your work environment, which simplifies data entry and increase efficiency. Patient and case data is easily added to existing records or you can quickly create new records from one window without clicking multiple tabs. Using this feature involves setting up templates which contain fields from the Patient and Case windows. You can create and customize as many as needed and then when using the Patient Quick Entry feature, you can select which template to build or edit a record from. For more information on this feature, see Patient Quick Entry Overview or Using the Patient Quick Entry Feature .

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