The following items were corrected in Medisoft v12 Service Pack 2:

System Requirements

Medisoft v12 Service Pack 2 is now supported on the Microsoft Vista Business operating system.

The Billing/Payment Status report now offers an option to either include or exclude closed cases. The current report only excludes.
The Practice Analysis report now displays the range included on the report at the top of the page, rather than the date the report was run.
The Patient Collection Report totals value is now calculated correctly.
The Production by Provider report did not show any amounts in the Actual Adjustment column. This has been corrected.
Medisoft V12 would lock up after clicking [OK] in the printer setup for Patient Day Sheet.
The Primary insurance aging report will now show 20 characters for the policy number.
When printing Superbills, the Provider now functions properly.

Reset Accounting within MediUtils still causes the error ” error: tblMemTransLoad: Type mismatch for field “Amount”, expecting: BCD actual” in the communications manager tables. This has been corrected in SP2.
Backing up while using Global Login no longer causes messages stating that the user is logged in on another computer.
Random Access violations that were occurring in transaction entry have been corrected.
The random Access Violations in Office Hours when appointments are moved have been corrected.
Clicking the Find Next button in the Work Administrator no longer results in the error – qryMisc: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset.
MediUtils now forces Medisoft to be closed before it will run.
Claims Manager

The Claims Manager Report now has time stamps.
The Last Modified date is no longer incorrect after completing service enrollment.
Program Workflow

Added grid fields no longer disappear when clicking in the grid.
Added grid fields no longer disappear in transaction entry when changing chart numbers.
The guarantor quick ledger no longer displays transactions for the wrong patient when accessed from Transaction Entry.

Box 17a on the Clickable CMS – 1500 has been updated.
The Medical practice type is now included in the Help files.

Running a backup in MediUtils now creates the .mbk backup file
Box 24J in CMSFILE and CMS11 now prints 12 character PIN numbers.
Box 33 in CMSFILE now prints Practice Information if the claim provider Entity Type field is set to Group. It prints provider information if the claim provider Entity Type field is set to Non-Group.

Download Medisoft v12, Medisoft version 12, Medisoft 12 here –
Medisoft v12 Service Pack 2
Office Hours v12 Service Pack 2

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