Medisoft user accounts to Audit for New Client

We received a new client practice from another reseller recently. When we arrived on site the first day to start work, we looked through the Medisoft user accounts. Not surprisingly, we found an account for the previous reseller. But what was surprising is that we found 2 accounts for the previous 2 resellers. That was 3 unnecessary accounts. We brought this to the attention of the practice manager and asked her to look through the list and let us know of any other accounts that could be removed. She found 9 other accounts that were from employees and even a provider no longer with the practice. Employee turn over is a common occurrence in medical practice. But it is a good idea to go through your Medisoft users and remove the accounts that are no longer needed. HIPAA requirements are pretty strict about who has access to patient data, so its always a good idea to keep the accounts in your system to only those necessary.

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