Medisoft Medical Billing Software

Worry less about your practice and more about your patients.  Medisoft is the simple and worry-free solution to your practice management, scheduling, and claim filing needs allowing you to concentrate on what’s really important without having to worry about complex systems.  Medisoft is designed by McKesson, a leader in the healthcare industry with simplicity and patient care being the top priority.  Just exactly how is one software able to not only keep your practice running smooth, but also increase your offices income?


“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” or “McKesson Healthcare”:

When working with software that you entrust to do your billing, scheduling, and most importantly your claim management you want something that’s high quality and reliable.  McKesson Healthcare has been around since 1833 and their growth speaks for itself:

–  14th on the Fortune 500

–  1st in Pharmaceutical supply distribution for US AND Canada

–  1st in the Automation of Hospitals

–  52% of hospitals and 20% of all physicians are using McKesson technology and services

McKesson works with hospitals, pharmacies, small practices, and large practices in order to best serve the medical community with products and timeliness that will make life easier for providers and patients alike.


You’re only as good as you look, and it’s looking good:

When working with anything it’s important to make sure that you understand what you’re looking at.  From easy to understand icons all the way to a logical progression of your work, you need to understand how to get from start to finish in anything you do.  The design of Medisoft has gone through a lot of changes throughout the years, but has always been consistent.  When any program undergoes an update or change it’s difficult to have to find all your information again.  Fortunately each time Medisoft undergoes a change, the program is still practically the same once you start using it.  Medisoft has been updated to current standards in Windows and can even adapt the color scheme of your computer so you never have to consider the program an eyesore.  Simply having a program that is appealing to work with can make a subtle, yet powerful difference in the office and gives the program a bit of a personal touch.


Revenue Management…the name speaks for itself:

Unique to Medisoft is a module called Revenue Management.  This program does everything you could possibly want in an electronic claim solution.  Not only does this guy send out claims, it also receives and processes reports, keeps a log and archive of everything it does, and even posts payments straight to your software for you!  All of this is with 100% customizable behavior, but once you’re set up you don’t need to do anything at all.  This system is nearly automated and self maintaining so that’s just a few less things you have to worry about.  McKesson’s automation of processes is the key to keeping a practice running smoothly.


“I should’ve taken that left at Albuquerque…”

Working on a computer for anything shouldn’t require a road map to get where you want to go.  To make things worse the world of medicine and patient health requires us to keep up with so much information it can be dizzying.  It would sure be nice if there was a program that kept everything in nice, easy to find locations that I can easily access…  Fortunately there is!  Using Medisoft not only starts you where you want to go, but has easy to identify links to any of the other places you may want to go.  From patient demographics you look right at their office visits and case information and from there go straight into the case to make any changes or add a new date of service.  From there it’s a simple click to look at claim management, and next thing you know you’re waiting on a check to come in.


“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”

Medisoft utilizes a locally stored database that is always accessible to your computers.  This has several advantages that we can both utilize and exploit to ensure reliability and high performance in your office.  First of all, storing everything on your own computer system means that you don’t have to have a special or expensive internet connection to use your software.  When you purchase Medisoft then you OWN the software.  This means also that you do not have to keep paying on a regular basis to continue use of the software and the software cannot be deactivated in the middle of the day, which can hurt your practice, your income, and your patients.  Medisoft utilizes a backup system that is highly reliable and can be set on a schedule to back up itself regularly even when you’re not in the office.  Also, keeping your data in your office means you don’t have to wait or undergo paperwork or requisitions when you need to access information for an insurance company.

Iron Comet is a McKesson Platinum Medisoft Software Reseller

Working with Medisoft makes you part of one of the biggest community groups in the healthcare field.  The ease of use provided with the software along with the safety and reliability of having everything at your fingertips is unparalleled.  Working with Medisoft makes your computer feel at home, and your patients will feel like they’re talking to family.  These advantages along with the backing of a top rated company such as McKesson will make your practice run better than it ever has, and your patients are back at the top of your list.


So you’re a part of one of the biggest medical communities out there, but just exactly how is all this going to work out in your office?  Simply having a billing program, EMR, and management software and knowing what features it contains is only half the battle.  We need to know how to unlock the most of our program and utilize the software to its fullest.  Fortunately you have the perfect resource for any training or informational needs right here.  We can go over the best ways to use the software efficiently, and reduce the amount of clicking or data entry that is necessary at the office.


“Hello, my name is…”

Patient information is the first thing that any practice is interested in.  Entering patient information should be easy to find and easy to work with right?  Of course!  Why should Medisoft be any different?  Right up top you’ll find a button that leads straight to your list of patients where you can hit ‘new’ and you’re right on your way.  Wait, why should we stop there?  Without any work or hunting, you can go ahead and see any cases or visits that your patients have on file as well as creating new ones right then and there.  With one simple button press, you’ve got a new patient, a list of established patients, and a visit history for everyone!


9 to 5 and beyond!

Knowing what’s available is certainly nice when scheduling out appointments.  Straight from the system you hit the calendar and up comes your schedule.  From here, simply double click a timeslot and there’s your schedule.  New patient?  No problem!  Medisoft actually allows you to create ‘write-in’ appointments where a patient chart is not selected.  This way if you don’t have the patients’ information you can simply write them in for now and get their identification when they arrive at the office.  While here feel free to put in a note to better state what the appointment is for, or for established patients you can go ahead and link the appointment to a case with just a click.  Recurring appointments?  No problem!  Hit the button that states this is a repeat appointment and Medisoft will auto-schedule future follow-ups for you.


ANSI – No, we don’t mean we’re anxious…

So what is this ANSI thing?  ANSI stands for “American National Standards Institute”, but what you need to know, is that this term is used for your electronic claim filing.  Effective January first 2012 electronic claims must be sent in what is called ANSI 5010 format.  Don’t worry, you can put down the internet because we have this all taken care of for you.  Not only do we have a program that submits claims in 5010, but we can modify the rules of the program at will!  Revenue management has something called an “IGuide”.  Think of this as the core programming that governs how your claims go out.  What makes this software unique is that this programming is completely available to us to look at AND MODIFY.  Find a defect in how claims go out?  Why wait until the development team gets around to fixing it when a knowledgeable person can go in and fix it on the fly?  With the ICD-10 changes around the corner, the ability to work with and modify claim filing as needed will ensure your income is steady and taken care of.  Revenue Management also has the ability to check your claims to an extent, much as a clearinghouse would.  When in the program you can click a simple button “Check Claims” and the software will be able to discover many problems before you even send your claims out.  This way you don’t have to wait a day for the clearinghouse report and can get paid the first time around instead of the second.  Lastly, we can see the claim file before it goes out.  This may not sound like a big deal but electronic claims don’t have boxes like paper.  Electronic claims have loops and segments, and working with them is very challenging until you are familiar with what you’re looking at.  Being able to look at a raw claim really puts things in perspective and allows us to truly verify your claims information without having to guess at it based on the clearinghouse or payer reports.


He did what?

So your insurance is done, your patient is getting well…what happens from here?  Well we have options.  First off, Medisoft links very well with BillFlash electronic systems or you can do your own patient bills and statements.  Once the patient is responsible for their office visit you can have a report right there that can be sent to the patient that states what services are still open with your practice.  In fact, on top of the patient reports there are over 150 various reports that you can use to keep up with every aspect of your practice.  From charts and graphs, to financials, to birthday labels so you can stay involved with your patients lives, this system has everything you need to make sure things are going smoothly.  Simply click the “Medisoft Reports” and watch as a whole world of reporting opens up to you.


As the world turns…

When everything’s ending for the day the last thing that’s on your mind is whether or not your system is safe while you’re away.  Every time you close the program, the system can be told to remind you to take a backup.  On top of that, backups can be set to run on a schedule so that the system is automated and hands-free.  What’s most important here, is that the system can be told to back up to any location you want.  With the ever increasing question of security, along with HIPAA regulations, we need to be able to place backups to a remote location.  What’s easier than just backing up your data to a thumb drive so you can take it home.  It’s very common to have a set of external drives or just a set of USB drives for your data that you can take home and keep safe out of the office.  Medisoft supports this and highly encourages it.

 ICD-10 Ready Billing Service

Days to come…

Every day is change, and every change requires our computer systems to keep up.  Medisoft and McKesson are constantly updating the system to be compatible with the newest in hardware solutions yet they keep the program simple enough to run on more affordable systems as well.  On top of that the industry is constantly changing with ICD-10 and other programs that are always being updated.  This software is worry-free in the fact that the latest version is always updated to accommodate these changes.   Write your own future without having to worry about the ink in your pen, be assured that when the healthcare industry changes then we too shall change so that you are in the best hands.

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