Medisoft – Legacy in Medical Software

Iron Comet has been distributing Medisoft products for the past 5 years.  During this time Medisoft and its ancillary products have offered some of the best values for practice management on the market.  After McKesson purchased Medisoft from Per Se Technologies in 2007, the product releases have been stronger, including more features, greater benefits and vastly improved quality.  No one has ever written a perfect piece of software; for instance, Microsoft released Windows 2000 with 64,000 known bugs.  However, McKesson’s strong reputation and commitment to quality has made the Medisoft  products it releases better than ever.

We will put Medisoft to the test against any Practice Management System (PMS) on the market at any price. Medisoft is more than just patient accounting software; it is a full accounting management system.  Through the use of Medisoft reporting a practice can locate both its strong and weak areas of revenue as well as track trends in billing and insurance reimbursement.  Medisoft also has the capability to assist in marketing and patient relations with its vast data collection and sophisticated reporting software.

We are an independent business and can distribute any product on the market. However, we chose Medisoft more than 5 years ago for the value it brought to the market.  When we started, Medisoft was 1/10 of the cost of most patient accounting systems available.  Many people asked “How can anything be this good at this low price?”  Doctors soon discovered the answer and have made Medisoft the number one patient accounting software on the market today, used in over 70,000 practices.   We have installed over 500 offices with Medisoft and our first clients are still with us, and with Medisoft, after many years.  How many vendors can say that?  While the cost is naturally more today than it was 20 years ago, Medisoft is still the best value in the industry.

Most recently, Medisoft V17’s newest development, Revenue Management, enhances electronic submission of insurance claims, eligibility checking and electronic payment posting (ERA).  With Revenue Management (RM), claims are checked and edited before they leave the office. We’re seeing practices making corrections they didn’t even know about previously!

McKesson is committed to meet all new government regulations in current and future releases.   With the government in healthcare  today, you’re going to need a strong partner.  McKesson and Iron Comet Consultants are the right companies to help your practice achieve superior results.



Iron Comet Consulting is a Mckesson Platinum certified reseller, medical IT firm and medical billing service based in Stockbridge, Georgia. Our products combine the clinical with the financial to improve workflow and revenue capture. Mckesson’s Medisoft Clinical is a complete physician practice optimization solution. For more information, please visit


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