Are you getting strange errors in your Medisoft data?

Is Medisoft giving you strange errors?

Are you not able to open your Medisoft data?

Are you missing information that was previously entered?

All of these are possible indications of a need for Medisoft data repair.

Here are some causes of Medisoft data corruption –

  • Network related issues, outages loss of connectivity
  • Power related issues, surges, brown-outs, or outages
  • Computer hardware issues such as hard drive failures
  • User errors such as not closing Medisoft correctly

Its possible that you may not have data corruption. We would be happy to do an assessment of your situation. We will let you know if it is something that we can resolve quickly for you or if you will indeed need data repair. If we feel we can’t repair it, we will let you know and there will be no charge. If we can resolve it without a data repair, we will let you know. Either way, you will know exactly how much it will be before we proceed on any work. Call us at 1-855-IRN-COMT (855-476-2668) or in Georgia, 770-506-4383 so we can help you.

If data repair is necessary, how does it work?

Here’s how it works –

  • We will remote into your computer and retrieve the practice data
  • We will then begin working on the data to repair it
  • Once the data has been repaired, we will contact you so that we can upload the repaired data back to you
  • We will then install the new data for you and allow you to verify that everything is working correctly

Many other companies will just send the data back to you leaving you to reinstall it. We won’t leave you hanging like that.

In most cases, we will have your data repaired and back to you within 24 hours.

We do not charge an hourly rate for repair like many other companies do, we charge a flat rate of $375 per practice data for a complete repair.

We are a McKesson certified Platinum reseller. We have former McKesson employees on staff. We have the expertise to help with Medisoft data repair issues.

Please call us at 1-855-IRN-COMT (855-476-2668) or in Georgia, 770-506-4383.

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