Medisoft Clinical provides a User-Friendly interface designed to make the transition of going chartless much easier than you think. By utilizing a chart type tab system that most clinics are already familiar with, the time it takes to learn the system is greatly reduced. This results in an EMR system that is powerful enough for any office, yet easy to learn and use. The system will not slow you down!

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Dashboard Centered System

  • Complete schedule for the day and shows the flow of the patient (checked in, exam room location, etc.)
  • Allows providers to review unsigned progress notes, reports, and messages
  • Easy access to incoming lab data through lab and hospital interfaces
  • Ability to access scheduled patient’s charts with a single click

Progress Note Functionality

    • Notes can be entered by free typing, templates, or by using dictation.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical is fully Medisoft Clinical compatible!

    The system is designed to allow you to type as little or as much as you desire. Most templates need almost no free typing.

  • Data entered into progress notes automatically updates other areas of the chart such as medications, health maintenance, major problems, etc.
  • Over 200 easily customizable clinical templates that can be tailored to any physician’s needs
  • Clinical templates include E&M codes and AHCPR guidelines
  • Easy attachment of images to notes
  • Electronic signature documents author of progress note

Prescription Writer

  • Over 700 prescription templates provide dose, alternatives, and average wholesale prices for the prescribed medication
  • Drug interaction and automatic allergy/intolerance
  • E-Prescribe or fax prescriptions from Patient Records directly to the pharmacy

Health Maintenance

    • Overdue health maintenance reminders for patients

By alerting your staff of overdue items, your staff can schedule multiple items in a single visit. This allows for maximized reimbursement per visit, but more importantly, improves overall patient care.

  • Create custom health maintenance templates or use the ones already in the system

Laboratory Data

    • Lab data can be imported from outside or in-house lab using industry standard formats (ASTM1238, HL7)
    • Abnormal data is flagged by a color code making it easily recognizable
    • Patient Records has built in hundreds of lab interfaces to such labs as Labcorp, Quest Diagnostics, and Spectrum.

In addition, McKesson Horizon Patient Folder (HPF), the EMR in use in many local hospitals, is also able to interface directly with Medisoft Clinical.


  • Intra-office messaging, replacing all of those yellow sticky notes and phone slips!
  • Use to send Rx refill requests
  • All patient messages can easily be added to the patient’s chart


  • Missing progress notes
  • Unsigned progress notes
  • Unsaved progress notes
  • Print chart summary
  • Print complete patient chart
  • Print note by: provider and date all notes

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