Medisoft Clinical EMR Questions

A question asked frequently is: “How do I pay for an EMR when I won’t receive stimulus payments for almost a year?

This is a real concern for most providers of all sizes and specialties. The incentives first became available in 2011 so it’s important to get started right away. We offer financing solutions as part of our package and in the end you own your EMR. Unlike some vendors where you keep making payments forever. Mckesson’s Medisoft Clinical EMR is guaranteed to be ARRA-Certified so you can reap the benefits of the HITECH Stimulus Program – between $44,000 and $63,750.

How do I integrate my paper records?
There are several options. You can scan all of your paper files into the system, or only the most recent, archiving the others for later. The scanned portions of the paper charts can be shredded, and the remainder will be purged over time, saving you storage space as well as labor costs. We will help you develop an efficient scanning strategy to keep the transition as simple as possible.

How will patients react with a computer in the exam room?
Many providers are initially concerned about the reaction of patients to this new technology. It is certainly a transition for all clinicians but the vast majority of Medisoft Clinical EMR users report that their patients view the practice and staff as progressive and appreciate the effort they show in upgrading their office.

Can I write electronic prescriptions with the Medisoft Clinical EMR?
Yes. Our EMR solutions come equipped with electronic prescribing capabilities and interface with the full patient record.

Does the Medisoft Clinical EMR have experience with my specialty?Our EMR offers integrated clinical content for all major specialties. Our resources enable us to provide your practice with up-to-the minute scientific and clinical information. We also provide a service to make individual specialty templates at no extra cost so you can determine how your system integrates with the way you want to work.

How long will my EMR implementation take?Timelines for implementation depend on the size and complexity of your organization. Our staff intends to ensure a smooth transition to the digital office with minimum financial and operational disruption.

What are the selection criteria I should consider when shopping for and EMR?A well designed system can bring streamlined record keeping, easy access to information, more useful tracking of patient care, improved documentation, and clinical decision support. An EMR that caters to your workflow and your environment is important as well as one that caters to your environment. You’ll want a company that is financially stable, has a strong leadership team and a healthy budget to support continuous product enhancements.

Iron Comet Consulting is a Mckesson Platinum certified reseller, medical IT firm and medical billing service based in Stockbridge, Georgia. Our products combine the clinical with the financial to improve workflow and revenue capture. Mckesson’s Medisoft Clinical is a complete physician practice optimization solution. For more information, please visit

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