Medical Record Scanning and Fax Management Service

Medical record scanning and fax management service from Iron CometMedical record scanning and fax management services from Iron Comet ensures patient charts and medical records are correctly entered into the patient’s EMR.

Break your addiction to paper.

Scanning medical records saves time, space and money for your practice.  Not to mention it is required under HIPPA compliance rules.  Iron Comet remotely accesses your scanned patient medical records images folder and places the scans into the patient’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) chart in the appropriate location.  Not only does Iron Comet handle your existing scans, but will also handle all your daily faxes, correctly assigning each to the appropriate patient medical chart.

Iron Comet scans your medical records into patients EMR reliably, safely and for less.

Most practices are overwhelmed by the amount of faxes and legacy patient medical records that have to be organized and correctly assigned to the right areas of the patients charts.  With Iron Comet as your medical record scanning and fax service you no longer have to worry that these tasks are being performed correctly and in a timely manner.

You receive daily reports on what has been entered and where.  We remotely access your scanned patient health records and correctly assign items such as:

  • Medications
  • Progress Notes
  • Lab reports
  • Specialist Reports
  • Hospital Reports
  • Other Physicians Reports
  • Referrals

Medical Record Scanning Accuracy Assured

Folded pages, stapled documents and other anomalies often are the cause for mis-categorized or incomplete medical record scanning practices.  With Iron Comet, Iron Comet provides patient medical record scanning services.these issues can be a thing of the past.  Our medical document scanning team members are experts at ensuring that patient data is correctly assigned to the correct areas of each patients chart.

If you find your staff overwhelmed and overworked by the back log of medical records imaging that needs to be completed daily, then Iron Comet is the solution for your patient medical records.  Our expertise in electronic medical record systems is your secret weapon against breaking your addiction to paper.

Every day you receive a report on what patient records have been updated and with what information.  This creates a highly efficient and cost effective medical records management solution for your practice.

Spam Faxes – A thing of the past

No Spam Faxes with Iron Comet's Fax Management ServiceDoes your practice receive spam faxes daily?  If you are lie most of our clients, these unwanted solicitations only slow up the medical document scanning process and costs you money.  Iron Comet automatically deletes the spam and correctly identifies which faxes go with which patient’s electronic medical record.  Unlike other medical record imaging services, Iron Comet provides a complete end to end solution for your patient records scanning and daily fax management.  All you have to do is focus on your job of providing superior healthcare for your patients, and not be the “librarian”.

The Best Part – Packages Start at Only $199 per Month!

Why waste your time having to scan medical records when there is a better solution.  For only a fraction of what you pay your staff to complete document scanning and fax processing for electronic patient records, Iron Comet can handle all the details.  With our medical record scanning and fax services you’ll always know exactly what has been added and rest assured that your patient’s electronic medical records are correctly compiled and archived.

Our packages start at only $199 per month for medical record scanning and fax services, and are reasonably priced for even the largest offices who handle thousands of pages and faxes weekly.

Call us today at 1-855-476-2668 or contact us here to discuss your practice’s specific needs and how Iron Comet can tailor a solution that fits your budget – and break your paper addiction

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